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(Established 05 December 1980 and disbanded 31 March 1997) 



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This non-profit web site is designed for the use of former members, spouses, friends and associates of the former Canadian Forces Physical Education and Recreation Branch. We strive to present a venue that will help keep everyone in contact with old friends from around the world and act as a focal point for relevant news and activities.


Guest Book

To protect your privacy and avoid spamming, hacking and unwanted solicitation, a user name and password are required to access the Guest Book.  Bone fide members may send an e-mail to Mel McGraw (see locator & Bio link above for the e-mail address))and request the details. Upon proper verification that you are an alumni member, Mel will send you an e-mail with the Guest Book user name and password.



Eileen Steele created a PERI group on Facebook that is closed to former members, spouses, friends and associates of the former Canadian Forces Physical Education and Recreation Branch. To become a member one must first sign up to Facebook, then apply for membership in the closed group. These memberships are monitored by our Liaison members shown above.


Photo Gallery

This section provides us with a forum in which we can share our treasured moments. We will publish photos of Courses, Alumni Groups, Staff, Staff Xmas Cards, Special Events or other shots that may bring back fond (or otherwise) memories of the past. We request that, if possible, all photos are accompanied by a who, what, where, when and why description. We also have attempted to add a photo of all former members of the trade entitled "Head Shots."

Additions and Updates

This link will provide you with a current list of recent additions and up dates to the page. They are not all linked, so you may have to browse to the specific area that was amended or up-dated.    



Probably the most used portion of the web site, it is designed so that one can quickly and easily locate a friend. One needs only to navigate to the first letter of the last name of the person whom you are seeking information.  To read a biography, navigate as above then click on a name that is highlighted and you will be linked to that biography.   

In addition to a list by NAME, this page also has a list by PROVINCE for your use for local activities. There also is a list of STRAYS. These sections provide a quick method of up-dating information on those of whom we have lost track. We seek your help to update information on ALL lists.  You are encouraged to prepare and submit a short biography and photo of themselves for promulgation in the locator so we can all get to know each other a bit better.


March Past

The March Past can be played or copied from the Home Page or from History Part 5 - The Physical and Recreation Branch in the History link.


Last Post

A medium to which we can all refer in order to remember our deceased Alumni. We encourage everyone to send us your recollections and corrections about anyone listed. We would like to get independent input from each of you and from your neighbouring ex-PERO/PERIs who may not be on the net.


Many supporters, including our spouses, contributed to meeting our aim of Mens Sana In Corpore Sano. While they are eligible to be listed in our Locator for Spouses and Friends, they are not eligible for inclusion in our Last Post. They may however be offered recognition by having a member write a notice and/or eulogy for them in Guest Book or Facebook to acknowledge their past contributions.


The Physical Education and Recreation Branch was established on 05 December 1980 and was disbanded on 31 March 1997. This section is a condensed history of PE&R in the Canadian Armed   Forces.   It  is a  revision of the Branch Handbook, A-PD-050-058/PT-001, which was originally promulgated by Jerry Kasanda and expanded by Ken MacDonald for the web site. It now contains more history and recent topics with relevant photographs and documents.


Part 1 - Background 

Part 2 - RCN

Part 3 - Army 

Part 4 - RCAF

Part 5 - The Branch



Originally issued as an informal bulletin called PERI-851-SCOPE created by Jerry Kasanda in March 1969, the bulletin evolved as the professional journal of the Canadian Forces Physical Education and Recreation (PE&R) Branch (Disbanded) and was titled the PERISCOPE. It was published regularly by DPERA. In addition to articles written by PEROs and PERIs on current topics related to PE&R, it contained announcements that were of common interest to PE&R members and a location list of all serving members. . Under the guidance of Lee Roberge this site was created on 14 Oct 2003 by Brian Harrison, then maintained solely by Lee until 2004, subsequently Joe Beauchene, John Waller and Ken MacDonald collectively created the current version. When John (2010) and Joe (2013) both passed away, Ken was left to fend for himself until 2014 when Brian Harrison volunteered to be an Editor. In 2017 Brian had to retire due to medical reasons and Dan Girard came aboard to design and implement a newer version of the site. (In progress)



Funds donated are used for site administration, maintenance, sponsored activities and alumni sponsored charities as determined by the Board of Directors. A record of contributions may be found by clicking here. If you wish to make a contribution to help support this page please send a cheque or money order made payable to:

PE&R Branch Account, Shannon Boivin, 1040 Costin Ave, Victoria BC, V9B 2T3    shannon_


Legal & Copyright

Historical detail and photographs contained herein have been accumulated over many years and were obtained from a number of sources; the vast majority having been received from former Physical Education Branch personnel. It is not our intention to violate anyone's copyright by posting these pictures or articles. If you find something here that treads on your copyright or which has not been properly credited, let us know and we will immediately remove such material until proper permissions have been obtained. All of the articles, interviews, pictures and content are the property of the Periscope web site. Users may view and download material only for personal, non-commercial home use. We do not have the authority to approve the reuse of any material found on this web site. You will need to obtain written permission from the source to reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, distribute or publicly display material from this web site.  As it is not unusual for people to change their address and forget to advise us of the change, we cannot guarantee that existing phone numbers and addresses (both home and e-mail) are current.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy browsing through our web site.

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