Xmas Social in Borden prior to the tour

Scotty Fuller; John Waller; Bill Buck; Ted Silletto; Paddy O'Connor and Ty Garrison



Another newspaper clipping??

Paddy O'Connor, Ian Fraser(RHR-Producer/Director ofTattoo) & Scotty Fuller.

Dress Rehearsal

Ray Grenier, Scotty Fuller and Ty Garrison


Rear Row L-R:Unknown, Ted Sillito, Unknown, Unknown, Bill Brandon, Unknown, Paddy O'Connor

3rd Row L-R: Scotty Fuller, Unknown, Unknown, Bev Burrows,Unknown, Cookie Collicott, Unknown, Paul Arsenault, Paddy Fraser, Unknown

2nd Row L-R:Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bill Buck, Bob Flack, Wayne Noseworthy, Ray Demaris

Front Row L-R:Unknown, Les White, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

*  *  *

Note that all the Unknowns are not PERIs, but were from other trades.


                  Scotty -Reunion Coordinator                                          Bill receiving a presentation from Bev Burrows on behalf of the team


                                         Paddy O  and Les White swapping lies                                                       Paul Arsenault and Bill remeniscing


                                                                             This looks like a "Cookie" to me!