Some Attendees 1985 PERI Reunion - Gagetown, NB

L to R, Standing Back Row;  Wally Travis, Frank Fazio, Gerry Clark, Manny Raspberry, Ron Partridge, Skip Boyer. 

L to R, Sitting; Ted Hudson,Percy Stein, Clarence MacDonald, Mel McGraw, Bud Richardson.

Sitting in front;  Bill Best


Need some help with names

Standing L-R: Wally Travis;Gerry Clark; George Fraser;Emile Dugas; unknown; Skip Boyer; unknown; Manny Raspberry;      unknown; Ray Grenier; Bobby Flack; Frank Fazio; unknown; Clarence MacDonald; Bill Best;

Wally Jones

Sitting L-R: Bud Richardson; Percy Stein; Ron Partridge; Cookie Collicott; Ted Hudson; Mel McGraw.

L-R Bud and Mrs Richardson, Wally and Bonny Jones, Marion and Bill Melnechuk