Written by; George Borden                 


Reunion Committee: Dwight Richardson, Kathy M, Mel McGraw, Nicole P, Dean Peach, Gerry McGarry.

When you think about a PERI Reunion, you naturally envision: food, fun and fantastic memories...right. Well, in large measure, all three were present at the 3rd Annual East Coast PE&R/PSP Reunion, held in late August, 2009 in Summerside, PEI. 

Following the well-planned direction of Dwight Richardson and his able committee of Kathy M; Nicole P; Marsha E; Mel M; Bill C; George K; Dean P; and Gerry M, coupled with the manager and staff of the Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club, those present enjoyed the best and finest three days of recreation and relaxation one could imagine.

As for “food,” the bountiful harvest of mussels in the afternoon, seafood platter in the evening and lobster the next day converted all those beef eating westerners to “down homers.” 

As for “fun,” a PERI golf tournament, in which scores are secondary, while “a good time” is the order of the day, resulted in as much fun as a body could stand. All of which was captured “in action” by the photo-magic of, Dave Ogilvie. 

As if the golf game wasn’t enough “fun,” add a show stopping “Karaoke” under the masterful direction of the multi-gifted George Knickle and his performing ensembl of country western legend, Bill Compagnon; love-song balladeer, Brian Harrison; voice-over artist Paul Bertrand; and lady-of-song Ginny Bowmaster. Back up artists included The “Bubbly” Buchanan Brothers. However, that is not all! To our utter amazement, “The Colonel” (Gerry McGarry) turned up with “The King” himself, Elvis (Deac Hendrican) accompanied by Marie and Lisa. Elvis sang and talked us through what seemed to be “an eternity” (sorry for the pun)

 And of course there was dancing, lots and lots of dancing to DJ Billy Cox’s 50 years of the Top Hits, which was for the most part prompted by toe tapping wives and girl friends. But, oh the fun! When the music got hot, the place rocked! 

Oh yes, let’s not forget the “fantastic memories,” and many such tales remembered, reputed and reworked (old mines may become faulty). The light blue Rec Specs told it one way, the dark-blue Muscle Bos’n recalled it differently, while the brown khaki PTI has claimed it never happened at all. Seriously, though, we all wandered down Memory Lane, to happy times and pleasing places of the past. 

So, to all of you who were there, “thanks for the moments and the memories. In addition, for those of you who could not make it, be kind to yourself and take in the Fourth Annual East Coast PE&R/PSP Reunion in Summerside 2011. 

Congratulations to President Jim Gebhardt for his memorial speech, his leadership and his dedication to the PE&R Branch these many year.

“Thank you for coming,” to those faithful “far westerners” Herb & Barb MacAulay; Chuck & Karen Johnston; and Bob Beaver who made that long run from coast-to-coast just to be there. 

Hats off to Mel & Marg McGraw for their presentation off a professional photographic contribution & memorial slide show.  

Bravo Zulu to Sonny MacLean and Harry MacIntyre for their very special project.

Orchards of bouquets to you loyal and tolerant wives and girlfriends who graciously endured our inattentive self-indulgence of “insider gossip” for 60 long hours.




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George Borden

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Mel McGraw

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