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Back row: Ray Bootland; Williams; Sonny McLean, Jack Roy

Sitting: Gerry McGarry (Not RCN); Earl Thompson; Harry McIntyre; Ray Shanks; Wayne Noseworthy; Gerry Leblanc



L-R: George Springer; Jack Slade; Lynn Gallant; unknown; Bill Mac lellan; Ron Gallant; Bobby Flack; Fred Hummerstone; Larry Webber; Chris Seymour; Bill Compagnon; Louis Desousa; Willie Weiler; Danny Kays; Babe mason; Wally Jones; Frank Martinello; Ron Partridge.





Remembering the Old Guard

From George Borden

We were twenty-one fewer in number when we mustered at the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club in

Summerside PEI on the occasion of the 4th. Eastern Reunion . As the names of our fallen comrades were read off, we remember with happy memories, those pioneer PERI’s (3 separate services then) who set the standard for those of us, who followed, right up to the turn of the century.   Dwight Richardson and Ken Straight read off the names while recorded sounds of the Last Post were played by Gerry McGarry .

Approximately one hundred and twenty-five PERI’s, wives and partners enjoyed three days of renewed friendships, food, fun and festivities as only a bunch of "old jocks" would. Tall tales, personal achievements, health problems and above all...future plans, were expressed and exchanged.

On Wed evening, early registration was low keyed in keeping with the usual conservation of energy, keeping in mind that the next two days would be physically demanding. PERI’s know how to ensure that they finish the race by not "burning out" in the early rounds.

Brunch on Thursday was a gourmet’s delight as the Silver Fox kitchen; staff and dining room catering service outdid themselves. Members greeted and mingled all the while making their way to the several respective bars. Smiles, hugs and back slaps were the order of the day. Those who had not seen one another for a very long time were ecstatic with joy. The buffet meal appealed to every taste and pallet, much to the delight of all present. Following a brief sack out, late on Thursday afternoon, we returned to the scene for a breathtaking Seafood Dinner, especially for all those westerners. Many east coasters chose beef tips...go figure.

It was during this group gathering that Special Recognition was extended to Les Mason , Willy Weiler and later Ray Shanks for national and international levels of achievement in their respective "special sport."

As well, we were treated to a most interesting presentation from Eric Payne, an Afghanistan veteran and amputee regarding sports, athletics and recreation for disabled persons in our respective communities specially the young veterans having recently returned from Afghanistan, with amputations and the like.

Following the meal, calories ingested were quickly dispelled as the healthy, the limp and the not-so-spry took to the dance floor for a really high level workout. To the satisfaction of all, the experienced DJ played just what they wanted to hear. They danced the night away past mid-night.

Everyone was up bright and early Friday morning as the "duffers" teed off at 8 o’clock , while the tourists’ boarded the bus at the same early hour. Both groups reported "a great day" (thanks to the weather) and a pleasurable time.

Directly from the links and the bus, we poured into the club shortly after lunch hour for a feast of boiled mussels and an afternoon of the Best Dammed Karaoke ever. You had to be there to appreciate the talent of PERI’s beyond sports, athletics and recreation. They were truly the epitome of “Canadas Got Talent," and those present would attest to that. Applause, whistles and standing ovations were the order of the day. Kudos to Billy Campagnon, Ginny Bomaster , Deac Henderican and all under the gentle persuasion of Master of Ceremony and all things vocal - George Knickle. As usual, George blew us away with rendition after rendition of classics so similar to original artists that the uninformed believed he was "lip syncing." Then we were treated with the Grand Finale, the Village People, directly from their World tour, and looking every bit as authentic as the originals. They were a blast! The cast included: Sonny MacLean, Harry McIntyre , Peter Ripley , the Buchanan Bro ’s, and Stanley Bainville. They sang, danced and formed the alphabet with arm gestures with precision and gusto. Bravo Zulu!

Again, an afternoon nappy before the biggy at 7 p.m., the Banquet dinner. The menu of lobster or chicken cordon blue was a “five star delight."  The side dishes were equally tasty and delicious.

Midway through the evening, elder member Jim Gebhardt exhorted the PERIs to urge those not in attendances to be present at future reunions. We finished the night with a repeat performance of a masterful DJ collection of classics relevant to our members.

There we were again, bright and early on Sat at 8:30 a.m. to bid farewell to old friends, new ones and fellow comrades. Not surprisingly, the windup breakfast was "top drawer" as the Silver Fox continued to maintain their high standard of catering.

Good byes and fare thee well could be heard throughout the dining room as the end drew near and each slowly departed his/her separate way. But, you may be certain that everyone is looking forward to CFB Greenwood, NS in 2013 where we will again assemble for the 5th Annual East Coast PERI Reunion.

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano .


PS - credit and gratitude goes to Mel McGraw for his untiring photographic efforts, much to the abandonment of his wife. Sorry Marg...And thanks for the loan. Thanks George from Marg.!

And  once again I must thank George Borden for this great write up & comments, it’s always a pleasure George to have you & your lovely wife Lovelette at these Reunions.


Mel McGraw

Reunion Photographer