This PER Branch Reunion was held at the RCMP Pacific Region Training Center

and the Cultus Lake Golf Course in CHILLIWACK BC on 20-22 Sep 2013


When I got home from the golf course today,

the wife had left a note on the fridge:

"IT'S NOT WORKING, I can't take it anymore!!

Gone to stay with my Mother."
I opened the fridge, the light came on,

and the beer was cold...

What the hell is she talking about?


1.  Registration, prize collection and Meet and Greet took place at 1600 on Fri 20 Sep at the RCMP’s Pacific Region Training Center (PRTC), formerly CFOCS buildings. In addition to the registration area the complex was used to house our over-night accommodations, Meet & Greet, breakfasts, dinner and a bar / entertainment area with some electronic equipment for our after dinner activities – all in one location! Rooms are 4-star rated and were specially priced for us at $99 (+ current tax) per room.


2.  Our numbers were down a bit from last year. Registrants that had to withdraw due to other commitments or personal or family medical issues were Dale Dirks, Jim Percival, Jean Boivin, Len Hughes, Ken Harvey, Mike Chatwin, Bill Sears, Don McKay, Drew Schamehorn and Irene Brough; all of whom sent their regrets and best wishes to all for a good reunion.



3. All golfers were to bring a prize valued at $15-$20. Additional items were donated by Ray Labbe and others and because of this thoughtfulness; we had an enough prizes to give several away in a draw. Those who forgot to bring a prize put $20 in the kitty for expenses. Prizes were collected and a welcome package and name tags were issued on registration.

4.  The Meet and Greet consisted of a no-host bar and a magnificent endless selection of hot and cold finger food provided by the PRTC staff, a photo slide presentation by Ray Bootland that chronicled the loss of 12 of our mates since the last reunion was followed by Bob Beaver and his excellent karaoke show with Ron Carlton and others participating (if and when they could wrestle the mike away from Ron). Yvonne MacDonald and Marion McBride sold enough 50/50 draw tickets to raise $140 which was split between the reunion fund and draw winner Bill King.

5.  On Sat 21 Sep many enjoyed the no-host full buffet breakfast in the cafeteria and for about $5 per person they got a good start on the day before moving to the CLGC for a free bucket of balls and our golf tournament. We used a form of Texas Scramble or whatever the teams wished to play. The first of the 8 teams got away at 1108 and although it sprinkled rain off and on all day, none of us got really soaked.  Bill and Jean King who played in the 18 hole “Tap-ins” putting course, donated 2 gift certificates valued at $20 apiece which were used as the Ladies and Men’s KP prizes. Initially we weren’t going to have KP or long drive competitions, but because we had the prizes the draw-master decided to re-insert them into the program.


 6.  On  return from CLGC the bar was opened for us at 1700 and the buffet dinner in the cafeteria commenced at 1900 with Harry Mayne the oldest member in attendance saying Grace.  Dinner consisted of salads, vegetable and fruit platters, carved roast beef with gravy, roast nugget potatoes, three cheese tortellinis, desserts and coffee and tea. After dinner we retired to the bar area for the professional entertainment and the prizes presentation. The Ladies and Mens KP and longest drive winners were presented and names were drawn for prize selection. Another 50/50 draw with Marg Bootland and Arlene Porter doing the honours this time raised $140 split between the reunion fund and draw winner Ray Bootland.  Non-winning tickets were then used to draw for selection of the remaining donated prizes.  

7.  Throughout the week-end Jack McBride kept us all in line as the MC and vigorously canvassed the members for donations to support hiring future entertainers and raised in the neighbourhood of $900. Our website received unsolicited donations from the Eastern Reunion Committee ($200), Hank Tatarchuk ($150); Harry Mayne ($100) and Ed Sullivan ($40). Afterwards Jack McBride, Ed Sullivan and Hank Tatarchuk entertained us with jokes and stories and by popular request Jack did his famous Chelsea Pensioners skit, followed by Bob Beaver and his excellent karaoke show. Donations for a former PERI in some distress was discussed, but held in abeyance for further information which will be seen shortly, likely in the guestbook of our website.

8.  On Sun 22 Sep about 30 people enjoyed the no-host full buffet breakfast in the cafeteria before hitting the road home.


9.  There were 57 registrants. 51were at the Meet and Greet; 28 golfed and 48 had dinner. Registrants were: 


BEAUNE, Dick & Terry



BOOTLAND, Ray & Marg

BUCHANAN, Tony & Marion



CARR, John & June


HURD, Earl

JOHNSTON, Chuck & Karen

KERNAGHAN, Ralph & Marilyn

KING, Bill & Georgina

LABBE, Ray & Lila

LOCKIE, Sharon (Ralph's daughter/driver)

MacAULAY, Herb & Barb


MacDONALD, Ken & Yvonne 

MAYNE, Harry & Marion

McBRIDE, Jack & Marion

McGARRY, Gerry

McGARRY, Michael & Joy Richardson

PLANT, Gary & Claire Jacques  

PORTER, Jerry & Arlene

POULIOT, Russ & Judy


SULLIVAN, Sheila and Shelly and Oliver Demuth,

SMITH, Jack & Anne

TATARCHUK, Hank & Arlene

VANIER, Chris & Wendy O'Connor

VOWELS, Gerry & Dianne


(Ken Wood dropped in to visit the golfers at CLGC on Sat AM)


10. Team members were:   


                                          TROPHY MEMBERS – 2013


  Jack McBride presenting the trophy to:

Gerry McGarry; Mark Blaney; Earl Hurd and Jim Wight



12.   Click for more photos provided by Ray Bootland. (More Photos)


13.    Finances were:






Opening balance as at Oct 2012



Registration & Donations






Meet & Greet and Dinner






Golf Fees






Stationary and Engraving





$ 6,567.36




14.  After some discussion it was decided that we:

  • book the PRTC and CLGC for the period 5-7 Sep 2014; (Bookings are done  -  note date change!)
  • provide some alternatives for non golfers to choose from during the golf;
  • use the same format, however teams playing individual scores must be started after the scramble teams and the entry form amended to accommodate player’s wishes for type of play;
  • request ALL registrants bring a prize and that such prizes NOT include golf balls, (wethinks we’ve all been around long enough to have plenty of them);
  • solicit more donated prizes for auction or draw and for KP and LD if we want to continue using them (I thought we discontinued them);
  • continue to draw names for order of prize selection for ALL registrants that brought a prize;
  • support the suggested plan by Eastern members to hold one BIG reunion in 2015 in central ON;
  • continue to hire professional entertainment; and
  • include an entertainment levy in the registration fee if necessary to assist with the cost of the entertainment.