December 18, 1990

By Albert Simmons


Seeing the tips of fir trees in the spring

Observing the budding of flowers and leaves

Feeding crumbs to the birds, and

Listening to the songs they sing

Feeling the warmth of the sun

Enjoying the coolness of the breeze

Looking at the white caps on the sea, and

Marveling at the blue of the sky.

Watching with bated breath as the sun rises

Savoring the peacefulness as it sets in the west

Understanding the vastness of the prairies, and

Exulting in the magnificence of the mountains.

Waving at or saying hello to an unknown or

Helping an elderly person cross the street

Smiling and saying please at every opportunity

Offering a thank you for any small service

Being not afraid to cry or having someone

Placing their head upon your shoulder

Having compassion for those who need it, and

Saying a prayer for self and others

Being thankful for good health, and

Understanding of poor health in others

Love and cherish those that are dear to you

Offer optimism to those who are pessimistic

Be kind and understanding and have an

Awareness of the good things in life.

Life is not all happiness…..There is

Sorrow and heartbreak along with tears

If only for a moment, make someone happy

Laugh often, it is infectious

Your returns will be richness beyond wealth

As you live, many avenues shall confront you

Choose well, overcome those that would weaken you

Be strengthened by those that add to your life

Love your God and be loved in return.

Life is free … As I am.