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  • Ontario Vet's License Plates Application Form ( click here )      
  • Manitoba Vet's License Plates (click license plate for info         Manitoba Veteran Plate      
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  • LAST POST  - TOBIAS, Lt.-Cmdr. James J., RCNVR, RCN CAF, CD Ret'd - Passed away suddenly at home in Bridgewater on March 17, 2006.         More info in the Last Post Page.      
  •  ANOTHER NEW LINK (From John Waller) - I recently was talking with Reg Bonnar, a dear friend and retired PTI/PERI, who lives in Germany and does a fantastic service by keeping our Canadian Flag flying proudly. He is the Zone Commander of the five Royal Canadian Legions presently operating in Europe and has constructed this great website. He asked me to have the address placed on the "Links" portion of the PERI Website. Thanks- JBW 
  • Ivan Lewis Medical Update - Ted Sillitto sent this update on how Ivan is doing. . . . Click here.
  • Skip and Janet Boyer will be celebrating their 40th anniversary on 29 July 2006. Congratulations!

  • 2006 Dick Allen Golf & Reunion info (modified version) and Registration Form . . (Click)     
  • Presentation of Award: Click    Mel McGraw, for outstanding work and dedication given by him to the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association,  Miramichi Chapter, presented by Lieutenant-Governor Herménégilde Chiasson of New Brunswick, during the United Nations Peacekeeping Memorial Day Parade, Wednesday, August 09, 2006, at the Newcastle QE Park down town, Newcastle NB.
  • It is with great sorrow that we advise Art Barbeau passed on 24 Jul. Our condolences are sent to his wife and family. Newspaper Obituary is linked at (Click)   27 Jul
  • (From George Fraser) Paul Dorion was operated on for Pancreatic Cancer on 21 Jul.  He has a positive attitude on recovery, but it is optimistically limited. I am sure there are a lot of PTI's/PERI/PEROS that would like to offer "Best Wishes" to Paul during his recovery period.

    Phone (705) 429-3311 Wasaga Beach ON   E-Mail,             24 Jul

  • PACREG POST REUNION REPORT - PACREG 2006  (Click)                                           Sep 06

  • MEDAL FOR CANADIAN FORCES WOUNDED?  This link is a newspaper article reporting on the request for a wounded in action medal.                                                                                      Sep 2006                      
  • RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF PER BRANCH. This link contains an e-mail letter from the Minister of National Defence in response to Dale Dirk's letter of concern.                                                     Sep 06
  • Copies of correspondence submitted to NDHQ and MND by Art Barbeau, Dale Dirks and Michelle Lesieur regarding reactivating the PER Branch.   (Click)                                                           04 Aug
  • Another mystery course. It's an APTC Specialty Course of some kind I think; and based on the ranks of some of the guys; it's in the late 50s or early 60's.  (Click)                                                                      Jul 06
  • An anonymous, very thoughtful and generous benefactor has made a posthumous donation to the Periscope in memory of several of our deceased comrades. What a tremendous tribute to our deceased made by one of the finest of our very own.(Click Donations  for the list)         Jul 06 and Dec 06

  • The article linked explains the design for the Cairn approved by the Air Park Museum in Trenton for the Physical Education and Recreation Branch. (Submitted by Art Barbeau)  Click)             27 Jul
  • All CFSA pensioners should be taking a personal interest in Bill C-441.     This bill is being introduced with the intent of abolishing the present policy of a reduction to your pension benefits at age 65. We should ALL be contacting our individual MPs to strongly encourage them to support this initiative. We will need the support of everyone if this bill is to become a reality.  Click HERE for an excellent letter and paper on the subject which will provide you with some background, should you need it when contacting your MP. (Authorized for use by the author LCol (Ret) Lumsden)                                                                  Jul 06

  • British Columbia / Yukon A Rembrance Day presentation by Navy PER Alumnus, Gerry Vowles, President of the BC/Yukon district of the Cdn Legion. (Click on the map, then scroll down to the video logo)                   Nov 06
  • Canadian Army "Fat Farm" article by Scott Taylor. (Submitted by Mel McGraw)                    Nov 06
  • APPRENTICE PROGRAM RE-VISITED   (Click)                                                               Nov 06
  • It is with deep sorry that we report the death of Ron Coell on 20 Dec 2006 in the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria BC.   Obituary                                                                                                              27 Dec 06
  • We regret to advise of the death of another comrade, Ivan Lewis who passed away peacefully at home with his loving family by his side on Thursday, December 28, 2006.  Obituary                                30 Dec 06