The purpose of that Adventure Training Expedition was: 

To provide the Bermuda Maritime Museum with an Underwater Archaeological Field School to conduct a series of site surveys of known and potential 17th and 18th century shipwrecks. 

The conducting staff included a professional Parks Canada Underwater Archaeologist, a Canadian Forces Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist Officer, an Expedition Leader certified by Parks Canada through the Nautical Archaeological Society (NAS) as a Tutor-Trainer Instructor (me), 3 NAS Team leaders and the team members earning their entry level one NAS  certification.

There were three previous Underwater Archaeological Expeditions to support the Bermuda Maritime Museum shipwreck survey program in cooperation with Parks Canada, all conducted by the (NDHQ) Forces Sub Aqua Club (FSAC) and two further ones to conduct underwater archaeological NAS training for the Bermuda Sub Aqua Club, an affiliate of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC). (NAS is the BSAC underwater archaeological division of BSAC). The basic NAS training for the FSAC was conducted by Save Ontario Shipwrecks (SOS), as part of its NAS provincial training program.

Note: In addition to those four expeditions to Bermuda, I conducted 3 basic and one advanced scuba training courses for the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Montego Bay, Jamaica....2 basic scuba courses for the Canadian Contingent in Cyprus, 2 basic scuba courses for the Canadian contingent in UNEF II in Egypt, one basic scuba course for the Canadian contingent in UNDOF in the Golan and one basic scuba course for the RAF (Military Police) Unit in Malta and an advanced police diver underwater forensics course for the Bermuda Marine Police Underwater Search and Recovery Team.