SMITH,  John


I joined the Air Force in 1963 and served until 1971 as a military policeman. I remustered as a PERI in 1971. I was interested in sports and played fastball, golf, soccer, hockey, broomball, tennis, squash and racquetball. The only sports I didn’t pay were lacrosse, field hockey and rugby. Although our facilities were nice in the early 80s, I was very impressed the last time I toured RMC’s facilities. At 66 years of age, I am semi retired. Since retiring from the Canadian Forces in 1997, I worked for the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires for 9 years in Toronto and 3 in Halifax. Although I have no aches and pains, I am getting older. Phyllis (Smart) and I live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. To stay fit, we take long walks with our dog.


 Click for an interview extracted from the RMC Club of Canada newsletter E-veritas.