BROUGH, Robert (Rick)

Rick was born in1929 in Knightswood, Glasgow, Scotland. As a kid, he belonged to many organisations, especially if they had a good sports programme available. After finishing school, he started an apprentice-ship in the shipyards, but decided it wasn't for him, worked for a while in the booking office of the Cunard White Star shipping line, famous for the ships Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth. Itchy feet called again and he went to sea with the Merchant Navy on Dutch freighters, sailing between Britain and mainland Europe.


At twenty, he enlisted in the British Armed Forces as a regular, rather than do three years compulsory National Service which was in operation then (l949).  His ambition was always to be a PTI, and especially to be chosen to enter the Army Physical Training Corps, but you have to qualify and be transferred to it, after being a Unit PTI.  Preliminary service was with the RASC.  In 1950 he was posted to Malaya, Singapore to be precise, where he completed his preliminary courses for APTC requirements. He'd also made Staff/Sgt (WO) in 1952. 


In December 1953 he returned to Aldershot, U.K. And did his Advanced and Probationers Courses at the PT School and in 1954 he was accepted into the APTC; a proud moment, even though he had to drop a rank to Sgt!  Oh yes, there was one other milestone in his life in April of 1954 - he married Irene Marrison, a member of the W.R.A.C., who happened to be on a course at the PT School when he arrived there, in January 1954.  In those days women weren't allowed to stay in the army when married, so she became a "civvy" once again.


Their children, daughter Yvonne and son David were born in 1955, and 1956.both in Scotland, where Rick served with the Royal Scots and The Royal Scots Fusiliers, one on the East coast, the other the West. In 1958 he was posted back to Aldershot and was on Staff at Mons Officer Cadet School, until transferring to the Canadian Armed Forces in 1960. He was on the staff of the PT School at Camp Borden until Sep 1961. From there his postings were London,Ont; Germany, back to London, CFB Downsview, CFB Petawawa, CFS Alert and finally CFB Esquimalt, where he retired in 1980, having by now served in all three elements -Army, Air Force and Navy!!! Whichever cap badge he wore, whether the uniform was khaki or green and to whichever element he was attached, he was always 100% dedicated to his trade and his job. If he could be summed up in one word, it would be integrity.  Browsing through the list of members of The Periscope, we recognised at least 85 people he either served with or met in his travels.  I’m sure he would recall many more.

After a long battle with diabetes and kidney dialysis Rick passed away on the 11th of September 2008.



CFB Esquimalt Staff