Born in Montreal PQ on 2 Sep 1959, Wolf attended Stanstad Collegiate in PQ. In April 1978 he joined the Royal Canadian Signal Corps where he qualified and was employed as a RAD OP. He was on the 1 CSR Biathlon team for the last two years he was with the Regiment in Kingston.   Remustering to PERI in 1983, he did his OJT at the Anderson gym  and served with  Al Blondel and Paul Dorion in Downsview in Toronto. During that time Wolf  initiated a mini triathlon with the help of Al Blondel. They had training sessions at 0600 hrs starting in the pool, this program was written up in the base paper. Married to Deborah Fyon in 1988 they have one child Ashley Marie.

In April 1986, Wolf got out of the forces and moved on to pursue other interests. He is now a self-employed landscape contractor focusing primarily on stone work and masonry in the Vancouver area. In 2003 he received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Award for community service.