SHETLER, Pat (Red)


Pat Shetler, commonly referred to as "Red", hailed from Cape Breton, Sydney I think. As a late teenager, Red ran in two Boston Marathons and placed very well in both. He was a very good hockey player (defenseman), rough and fast. He played several other team sports as well, even tried a few boxing matches.

Red was in St. Jean, PQ (RCAF Basic Trg) in the mid-50's. He tended to exaggerate a bit; but had all the moves to be a good Rec Spec. Red was extremely gifted as a painter and artist, at which he earned extra cash. He was a bit of a scrounger at times, which almost threatened his early Rec Spec career.

While yet an active hockey player, Red became very interested in refereeing, in the military and in civilian communities surrounding his military bases. He was scouted by the NHL and became a charismatic "Red Headed" NHL Official. He was good! But, he tended to travel coach and 2nd class on the train between games, of which the NHL Executives disapproved since they were providing him with 1st class expenses. He was let go by the NHL.

Red knew the game of hockey so well, that he once tape-recorded himself announcing an NHL hockey game, sent it in to the right people, was invited to a try out announcing...and got the job. Now, he was regularly announcing NHL games over TV and Radio. I said he was gifted. How that ended I am not certain. He continued to play hockey, referee and ran clinics on officiating for a number of years. Red earned lots of pocket money from all of his side talents and I doubt that the taxman ever got any of it (smiles).

Last I heard of Red, he was somewhere in Ontario around Borden or Barrie I think; but suddenly lost touch. Don’t know if he is even still alive, but suspect he is. Red was a survivor!

I would also like to know his whereabouts and make contact again. My suspicions are that he may very well be a golf pro (imaginary) or the like somewhere in sunny Nevada, USA living the life of luxury... Good for him, a poor boy from Cape Breton living the good life in his declining years.