A former Medical Assistant, I began my PERI career in Shearwater taking my OJT with Dot Theort and took my PERI training in 1987. Immediately after the course, I was posted to Shelburne, then to Gagetown until 1993 when I opted to retire,  just before the branch was closed down.   After leaving the military, I went to St. Thomas university [New Brunswick] and after three years received my B.A. with 1st class honours and distinction.  I majored in religious studies and a whole bunch of minors. I returned briefly to the military as a chaplain at a cadet camp and felt from there the calling to ordination. After working at the Fredericton emergency shelter and driving a taxi to raise money, off I went to Montreal to attend McGill University. I graduated with a BTH [distinction], STM [distinction] and finally my MDiv. I was ordained in 2006 and worked briefly as the interim director of St. Michael’s mission, a soup kitchen in the heart of Montreal. From there I moved to the South Shore of Montreal, Chambly to be exact and I am the incumbent of St. Stephen’s with St. James Anglican Church. A garrison church with a long military history. I still miss the military and often think of applying again, but as a chaplain. However, my knees and back tell me otherwise. I now work in a church and truthfully . . . that group in Gagetown was more a community than any other group or organization I have ever been a part of. I was richly blessed to work for them all.




By Billy Willbond

Feeding little children who are hungry at their school.

Eileen’s a gal of action and she ain’t  nobody’s fool.

She was an Army Medic and re-mustered  as a P.T.I.

Street tough, this Preacher Lady will not permit a lie.

She struggled driving taxi  whilst getting higher learning.

In her heart,  the love of God, is constantly a’ burning.

She lives the works of mercy down on poverty street.

Eileen’s a gal who never did and will not accept defeat.

She supports our wounded who sleep upon mean streets.

We all need her prayers as she helps the hungry kids to eat.

We now  need her blessed council just to help us deal with VAC.

They’re  clawing back the  pensions and won’t amend the NVC.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Author’s Notes-Eileen Steele is a  Priest who works with the

poor – She is a Former soldier, Med A and  PERI – She is a self

made woman who has 4  university degrees – she is a friend

of Dale Dirk and any friend of his is a friend of mine.


William Willbond Canadian Soldier, Poet, Saanichton BC

23 August 2013 1431 hrs  http://iwvpa.net/willbondwha