Billy Willbond


There once was a featherweight boxer, who could fight like hell,

He was known to Canadian Service personnel as Sgt Major Byrnell.

A golden gloves champ, Wesley hung around with Rocky Graziano.

Our Wesley, he fought under his ring name of young Tony Janerio.


In the Navy in WW2 Wes played in marching Naval Military bands.

In the RCAF in the 50s as a Recspec he promoted boxing to each man.

He was an easy going hurricane with unbelievable punching hands,

Wes was a powerful puncher; watching his lightening fists was grand.


Farewell Sgt Major Wes Byrnell, on your journey to that gym in the sky.

Our team has lost another hard working well remembered PTI.

An old muscle bosun who worked on bases across this nation.

He has finally gone to rest now in the heavens; on vacation.



RIP Wes from your buddy Dale Dirks