The workshop was organized by Paul Larouche (bottom right in the photo) who was a graphic artist with CANEX

The "association" has been periodically active then dormant, then some members supported PSP and some the Military Family Resource Centre (designing things to "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" like ribbon-banner logos, ball caps, "T", golf and sweat shirts, pins, stickers, posters etc....most members are now fully retired, but still "engage their talents" in UN, NATO and Legion associations in some form or another, in their newsletters and journals and bulletins, some on-line, some in hard copy in print.........they continue to "keep 'em smiling" so to speak....but it was the initial formation of  the "association" in broad terms that brought them together that was important as some never knew the others other than seeing their work over the years in military newspapers, etc.....this is particularly true of the PERI side of the house as their were many PERIs (and a few PEROs) who "engaged their art talents" for the betterment of their communities and their phys ed and rec profession, Pat Shetler for example did promotional art work and cartooning for many, many did Gerry Vowles (his pen name was AEIOU, "vowels" and his trade-mark characters were two SEAGULLS, named Flotsam (Petty Officer Flotsam) and Jetsam (Leading Seaman Jetsam) who were depicted wearing navy hats, and always "squawkin' " about something or other......they were the benchmark characters to the navy newspapers, TRIDENT and OUTLOOK.........the two "O"s in the word "OUTLOOK" being used by Gerry as the lenses of a pair of binoculars.....Gerry also cartooned PERI staffs "doing their own special-sport".....(like the CFSPER one I sent you, that you posted on the site)....   Some other PERIs were less known and never achieved full Forces-wide recognition for their work in promoting phys ed and rec programs and activities, but nevertheless should now be "exposed" to the recognition of their perhaps the publication, on line of the CF Cartoonist Association formation will solicit more input from PERIs and PEROs to name them, and perhaps illustrate with their work, their past contributions to the Branch..........that was my intent.....   Some PERIs and PEROs laboured long hours with pencil and pen (and magic markers!) to produce flyers which got attached to the notices side of daily routine orders at their units, stations, bases etc........with the old Gestetner, Roneo and Underwood promote programs and events..........some never signed their work......some did large advertising posters in the same vein and again, did not sign their only their peers at work knew who did what....   Some taught art classes in Art Clubs, some taught cartooning as a specialty, others simply "did their thing" designing badges, buttons and pins for special events like Winter Carnivals, Sports Awards etc....others contributed in many forms of Arts and Crafts, applying their talents liberally.........   time to "expose" them.....and perhaps collect a few examples of their work on-site......