Physical Education and Recreation Branch Cairn for the Air Park Museum in Trenton

The following cairn has been approved by the Air Park Museum in Trenton. The design symbolism descriptions are:


1.  The round arch represents the earth globe, the latin statements refer to the three services.

                                    a.  From Sea To Sea To Sea;

                                    b.  Through Adversity To The Stars; and

                                    c.  A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

2.   The word "Specialists" makes an important statement on the expertise required. The CAF crest emphasizes the three elements of the Force. The PER crest with the re-born Phoenix from the rejuvenating flame complements the idea of showing the direction to excellence. The nesting base will have the historical badges for PTIs as a foundation of many years of tradition and past excellence.  The crowning flame represents rejuvenation as well as pointing in the direction of excellence.

3.   We will render the badges & crests in Ceramic and cement to the Base.