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EDWARDS, Gord. ? - ?  

ELLISON, Ray. 1919-2011 Born in Darlington, UK in Aug 1919, Ray joined the RN as an OS at Chatham in 1937. He served in the Mediterranean aboard the ARETHUSA (a cruiser) until the outbreak of war. After the fall of Singapore, HMS EXETER and HMS ENCOUNTER were sunk in the Battle of Java Sea on 1 Mar 42. Ray and other survivors, after 18 hours in the sea, were rescued by the Japanese and spent the remainder of the war in a POW camp at Maccasar on the island of Celebes. After the war, in 1947, Ray qualified as a PTI 2nd class at the RN School at Portsmouth. On release from the RN in1949, he joined the RCN and spent the next twenty years serving at Cornwallis, MAGNIFICENT, Stadacona, BONAVENTURE, RMC and Esquimalt. He retired in 1969 in Victoria BC.        (Obit)



FAULKNER, Gordon. 15 SEP 1927– 01 MAY 2010. Gordon was born and raised in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.  He was a RecSpec in the Royal Canadian Air Force and PERI in the Canadian Forces from 11 March l946 to 03 May l972 achieving the rank of Warrant Officer with CD and clasp. He was very active in Sports as both a player and official.  He also was an avid outdoorsman and enjoyed fishing, hunting and gardening. Gordon and his wife Cindy moved from Greenwood Nova Scotia to Victoria British Columbia in l996.  He is interred in Victoria.

FAULKNER, Edward A."Red"1940 - 2011.  Born in Lethbridge, AB, Red was a graduate of LCI in Lethbridge. While there,he played four years of collegiate football with the LCI Rams. Also, he was the Alberta Novice Gymnastics Champion in 1954. He later enrolled in the RCAF as a Recreation and Physical Education specialist serving for 11 years. During his service, he was the NCO in charge of the RCAF Ground Search and Rescue at various bases.


FENTON, George  1929-2012   A Korean veteran, he and his platoon buddy Glen Matthews both eventually re-mustered to the RecSpec trade. George served as a Rec Spec in Borden, Calgary, St.Jean, Claresholm, Moisie, Comox, Langar-England, Metz-France, Beausejour, Shilo and Edmonton. A top flight PT Instructor, when on the PT Platform, he was the image of fitness.  An ex-boxer, he had a well-muscled upper body but narrow hips and medium legs.  He had that tapered look from head to toe.  George had a great sense of humor, especially during coffee breaks.  Unfortunately he smoked like a chimney and died of lung cancer.  He was very helpful to new Rec Specs learning how to command and control large (100's) of recruits on the gym floor at one time.   (Obit)    

                         Photos:        RCAF St Jean Staff 1954                               Flag Day in Metz France 1965  

FERGUSON, Bruce. ? – 2001.  Born in Moncton NB, Bruce was a former member of the RCASC. He joined the PT Cadre in the 50s. A competent gymnast, he was an excellent hockey and softball player. Bruce had served on many bases including Borden and Esquimalt and enjoyed a tour at RRMC. He retired as a Sgt in 1970 and lived in Victoria for a short period then moved to Duncan.

FINNIGAN,Rob  ? - ?  LDSH (RC) Cornwallis

FIRLOTTE, Robert. 1917 - 2014. Born in Campbellton NB, Bob is a former member of 1st Cdn Parachute Bn and served in Europe during WW2. He was a Coy Cdr in Korea and the CO of  the QOR of C Depot. The first CO of the APTS in Borden, he also served as an SSO in Eastern Area HQ in Kingston. He retired in the rank of Major.


FORD, Ian.   1933 –1987. Ian served in Moose Jaw; Chilliwack; St Hubert and Holberg then retired from CFSPER after a tour in Cyprus in 1973. He moved to Port Alice BC and became the mill safety co-ordinator with Western Pulp Mill Ltd. He also was a Port Alice Alderman and the local provincial emergency co-ordinator.  While attempting to clean up a mud slide that was blocking a main road he was killed in a secondary unsuspected slide.

FRASER, George. 1939-2012. Born in Belleville, ON. 14 Nov1939, George enlisted in Alexandria, ON. 3 Aug/56 in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals as an Apprentice Soldier. He re-mustered to the Army Physical Training Cadre in Dec 59. During his service he served at Kingston (twice); RMC; Montreal; UN Forces Cyprus; Lahr/Germany; Borden (CFSPER); Gagetown; Cornwallis and Trenton.

George retired from CFB Trenton as the Senior PERI (MWO) in Sep 1987 after 31 years of service. During his retirement years he dabbled at auctioneering; Real Estate; Car Sales and a manufacturing business called SEPTIC-COP, an organic digester for septic systems with national distribution through WAL-MART and other distributors.  

Obit and more


FRENCH, Rene   ? - ?

GAMMON, Kevin.   1934 – 1983.  “Mucker,” a former member of the British Army, came to Canada in 1953 and joined the PPCLI. He remustered to the PT Cadre in the mid 50s and had served in Rivers, Edmonton, CFSPER, Kingston, Cornwallis and Esquimalt. A one time member of the CF "Sky Hawks" Free Fall Parachute Team, he was an avid fitness buff, an enthusiastic sports parachutist, soccer and volleyball player. He was tragically killed on 27Feb 1983 in a free fall activity while serving as the PERI CWO at CFB Esquimalt.

GILL, James 1930-2009.  Jimmy was born in Millville NB and served 25 years in the RCN. An excellent softball, hockey and football player he qualified on his PR2 Course in 1953; his PR3 Course in 1959 and his PR4 course in 1965.   .   Obit


GILLANDERS, John? – 2001.  A former British and Indian Army Officer, John came to Canada and joined the RCR.. Posted to the PT Wing (RCS of I) in 1954, John was the driving force behind the formation of the Army Gymnastic and Display Teams. After retiring in 1959, be became the President and GM of Playscapes International in Montreal. He then moved to the US and worked with an airplane brokerage company. His son John also was a Sgt PERI.

GOODEY, Butch. 1910-1989.  Living in Winnipeg in 1940, Butch joined the Army (RCE) and served overseas. In England he attended an Asst PTI Course at the ASPT in Aldershot. Returning to Canada and Chilliwack as a Sgt in 1944 he was the Sr Basic and PT Instructor at the Engineering School. In 1955, as a 45 year old WO2, Butch stood out as a candidate on the first Gp3PTI Course in Borden. Returning back to his old job in Chilliwack, he remained there until 1959 when he was promoted to WO1 and posted to ASPT as the first RSM. In 1965 he retired back to Chilliwack and worked as the range warden until finally retiring in 1975. An excellent coach and trainer, he had a positive influence on many CF athletes and Branch members

GOODISON, Tom.  ?- 1976.  Born in Brockville ON, Tom joined the RC Sigs in the early 50s. He transferred to the PERI trade in the mid 50s. A good all around athlete he excelled in track and field and gymnastics. Tom had served in Kingston, Borden, Gagetown, Cyprus, Germany, Ottawa and Petawawa.  He retired as a Sgt out of Petawawa ON.

GOYETTE, Jean-Louis ? - 2011.  Pending more information.

GRANT, Ralph.  ? - 1990    A former PPCLI member, Ralph qualified on a British Army PT Course in the 50s while serving in Germany. He loved boxing and gymnastics and among other places had served in Korea from 1951 - 1953, Germany, Borden, Gagetown and Chilliwack. He retired as a WO from Chilliwack in 1974 and worked as a Corrections officer until 1980. Ralph passed away in 1990 from a heart condition.

GRANT, William “Jock.”   1939– 1960.  A Cpl PERI and former C ProC member serving in Camp Shilo, Jock drowned in Clear Lake  MB on 15 May 1960  at the age of 21.


GREEN, Bud.   1935 – 1970Bud was born in Woodstock NB. He was residing in St. Jean when he passed in 1970.    

GREIG, Larry.  1928-2012. Larry was a former member of the RCMP, who in 1952 joined the Army and the RCHA. In

the mid 50's,he and Bill Westfall attended an Officer's PT course at the Army School of Physical Training in Aldershot, UK. Paul Graham was also in Aldershot at the same time on an advanced course. In the early 60's Larry served as the Garrison F and RO in Shilo and the late 60's and early 70's he served as the Ath Director at RRMC. Larry retired in 1971.    Obit.

GRIESBACH, Bill. 1927 - 2010. Bill Griesbach passed away on Friday 6 Aug 2010 in South Surrey BC at age 83. Bill was an old PPCLI member and one of the first Army PT Cadre members. Among other places, he served in Calgary, Edmonton, Cornwallis and FMC HQ.


GRINDLEY, Jim. ? - ?   A former infantryman with the RCR during WW2, in 1942 he attended a PT Course in Aldershot UK as a WO2 and, because of his talent, was retained at the British ASPT as the first and only Canadian Army PTI to be employed as a Staff Instructor at the school. He served there from 1942-1945. In 1954 he joined the staff at the newly formed PT Cadre as its first WO1. On retirement in 1957 he became the Chief Physical Education and Drill Instruction at Upper Canada College in Toronto.

GUSTAFSON,Ben   ? - ?   Ben joined the RCAF on 10 Apr1952 and shortly after basic training he became a Rec Spec. He has served in St Jean, Aylmer, Falconbridge, Goose bay, Frobisher, Vancouver, Borden, Winnipeg, Esquimalt, Cornwallis, Kingston and CFSPER where he retired in 1987 in the rank of CWO. 

HADDAD, Eddie  1928-1970 F/O Rec Spec. Eddie served during 1946-1969, first in the RCN then In the RCAF Elected Haddadto the Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame for outstanding achievement in boxing. He was a Member of the Canadian Olympic Boxing Team  and was the winner of the Norton Crowe Trophy (Canada's Outstanding Athlete of the Year). In 1950 as a member of Canada's British Empire Games team he won a Bronze Medal in boxing. In 1968 he was inducted in the CF Sports Hall of Fame.

(Following is from George Borden) I believe he was a Cape Breton product from a Lebanese immigrant family. In his younger years, he was a fine and fit boxer, who had many tales to tell about some of his opponents and fights. While yet young and unseasoned, he was once matched with a journeyman pro whom as Eddie described greatly resembled a gorilla (hairy and long arms). Eddie said that was the only fight he ever walked away from. Eddie was the Danny Thomas of the Rec Spec trade, a spontaneously funny guy who created laughter from any situation. I remember on Trade Adjustment Course No. 2 in 1962, which provoked a lot of resistance and uneasiness, because the students (all of who were long-in-the-mouth Rec Specs) resented being treated like tyros, by a staff with less time in the ranks than most of their wards. On one occasion we were all ordered to lie face down on the training gym floor and stay very quiet (a time out) smiles. Well, Eddie began to emit some softly humorous remarks that made us all laugh so hard, that we completely forgot why we were being disciplined in the first place. Eddie was commissioned from the ranks, as were a number of Rec Specs in the 1960s and I believe he was PERO at Moose Jaw, SK in his later career. A great guy much missed! Eddie passed in Chilliwack BC.

HARVEY, Ken  1940-2014.    Born in Sault Ste Marie, ON on 1 September 1940 Ken attended Sault Collegiate 1954-59 and UNB 1959-63, where he attained his BPE after which in1963-64 he attained his BA.  From 1964-65 he taught at high school at Sault Collegiate.  On 19 Aug. 1965 he joined the RCAF and became a pilot until 1974 at which time he remustered to PERO and became the PE&R Admin Officer at RMC.  He served as a pilot in Gimli, in Moose Jaw as a T33 instructor, in Saskatoon as a ULO and in Comox with 409 Squadron.  He was then posted to Egypt as the first welfare recreation officer.  RMC Admin O 1975-77, Greenwood as the BPERO 1977-81, NDHQ as DPERA5 1981-84, then as command PERO CF Europe 1985-90, then back to DPERA5 1990-94.  He and his wife Lynda were married 2 Sept 1967 and have 2 children Kevin and James.  During his career he instituted the first all-star basketball team in SHAPE Belgium in 1988 and was the primary force getting CISM basketball on track and started in 1990.  After serving 30 years he retired on 1 Sept 1995 from Ottawa with the rank of major and settled in Victoria.

Click  for an interview extracted from the RMC Club of Canada newsletter E-veritas

HALIKOWSKI, Gerald " Hal "  1924 - 2010.  Sadly Hal passed away on the evening of March 31st.  He was 86.  We will remember him as a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend.   He was famous for asking  " How can I help? "  Dad loved his fishing and gardening.  He was a mentor and a teacher to many and a hero to those that loved him most.  Heaven opened a door, for this gentle loving man and welcomed a new angel. We will remember Hal best when we raise a glass and toast:  " To happy days" On his request there will be no flowers.  Please make a donation to the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund. Hal's life was dedicated to being of service to his country. He was in the RCN from 1942 -1974  and for 13 more years in the C.F.A.V. During WW2 Hal served in the North Atlantic on convoy duties. He took his first PT course as a student on the 27th Quals Course held 3 Nov – 6 Feb 1948. CFR ’d from the rank of P1 he was the author of the Navy section of the history of PT in the CAF (Part 2 - RCN). At one time he was an avid cigar smoker (much before his infamous pipe).

HAMILTON,Warren (Hammy) 1934-2014. Born 18 Jan 1934 in Yarmouth, Hammy was a proud member of the Canadian Armed Forces where he spent most of his career on Radar Sites and small bases, but his last posting was in Cornwallis. A highlight of that tour was when he made an heroic attempt to resuscitate a young cadet who had been under water in our Base pool too long, but after 30-45 Min was he was forced to give up. That had a profound emotional effect on Hammy, as he was a good youth leader and teacher.

On retirement from Cornwallis he returned to Raynardton, Yarmouth County where he worked with special needs clients for the Yarmouth Regional Hospital and YACRO. Warren was an avid sportsman, hunter and fisherman who shared his passion with many friends at camp or around a salmon pool. He enjoyed a good yarn, never missed coffee with friends and attended as many eastern PERI reunions he could. In his later years Warren moved to Dartmouth, N.S.

Hammy was a beloved and popular Rec Spec/PERI for more than three decades of service in the CF/RCAF. A close life-long friend of deceased Rec Spec "Richie" Hubbard, they were hometown boys. Hammy will be laid to rest, as is Richie, in "the hood."   (Obit)

HARGREAVES, Doug 1931-2016.  Born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, on December 20, 1931. In 1965,thirty-three year old, Flight Lieutenant Doug Hargreaves joined the high profile Athletic Department staff at RMC.  Major Danny McLeod, Director of Athletics had been negotiating with him for over three years to take the Redmen Football Head Coaching position.  Doug was an RCAF pilot, but was required to reclassify his Military Occupation (MOC) to Physical Education & Recreation Officer (PERO). When his move to RMC was almost botched by red tape from Headquarters in Ottawa, “The Major” solicited the aid of then RMC Commandant, Air Commodore, Len Birchall to fix things. He remained  on the RMC staff until he was posted to CFB Shearwater in 1970.




HARRISON, Bill  1933-2016. Born in Saint John, NB, Bill served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 30 years as a physical education and recreation officer.  Bill and George Borden first met at Camp Aldershot, NS back in 1951-53 as army cadets. Bill and several other black basketball players were the cream of the crop in the Atlantic Provinces and North Eastern NS.  He joined the RCAF the RCAF as a Med A and remustered to RecSpec, then to PERI,

and later on he was CFR (commissioned) and served at several bases and stations.  He always showed up at basketball and badminton tournaments and made a big impression. He was a happy funster, great broad smile, a tease and devilsh in his conversation.  A big heart that will be missed!


(Obit)   (Poem by Dave Edmond)

HASSELFELT, Gordon Russell   1929-2010.  Gordie was a retired R.C.A.F. Recreation Officer. Born in Toronto and died at home in Belleville, ON in the presence of his family on September 4th, 2010 at the age of 81. Son of the late Russell and Eva Hasselfelt, and predeceased by brother Don. Beloved husband and best friend of Patricia (nee Corbould) for 55 years. Loving father of Karen, Sandra (Richard), Eric (Mary), and Sherry (John). 'Papa' also loved by his grandchildren Sabrina, Lucas and Henrik. Gordon loved dogs and enjoyed traveling, sports (especially sailing, swimming, basketball, and football), classical music and jazz. In keeping with Gordon's wishes, cremation has taken place. Family and friends are invited to celebrate his life at a memorial service and reception at St. Columbia Presbyterian Church, 520 Bridge St. East (at Farley Ave), Belleville on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 2:00 PM. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his memory to the Quinte Humane Society, the Canadian Wildlife Federation or The Canadian Hearing Society. 

HILL, Dudley  1928 - 2013.  Dudley studied physical education at Loughborough College (now Loughborough University) in England before emigrating to Canada. He applied at the recruiting office to join the Air Force as a Recreation and Physical Education Spec services officer in 1953. At the time, the Air Force was ahead of the game - looking for physical education and recreation personnel for Radar Units in Canada’s north. He was very interested in sports and competed in rugby and soccer with the Royal Canadian Air Force Station St. John’s Soccer team at CMR in 1959. He also competed in badminton. His many transfers included London, Ontario; St. Jean, Quebec; Fontainebleau, France and finally the Royal Military CollegeAfter returning from Fontainebleau he became the Physical Education Officer at RMC from 1968-69 and was responsible for the rep and intercollegiate teams at RMC. At the time RMC’s 450 cadets and a handful of graduate students fielded 23-24 teams. As Director of athletics from 1971-1975 he was responsible for all of the physical education & athletic programs at RMC. By 1975, there were 500 cadets and a handful of graduate students. At the time all of the cadets were male and most were just out of high school. When he retired as a Major in 1975, his pension was $7000 per year. After retiring he purchased and operated Stirling Lodge in Newboro Ontario, on Newboro Lake (in the Heart of the Rideau Lakes). Dudley was a regular at the Kingston PER Reunion each year.


HINTON. Harry  ? -  1981.  S/L RCAF  PT & Drill Branch. Passed in Dundalk ON

HOARE, Wilf.  1916- 2001      Wilf served in the RAF as a PTI from 1939 - 1946 leaving as a F/Sgt. He was selected for the British Olympic Team as a runner but the Olympics were cancelled due to the war. In 1952, he and his family immigrated to Canada and the same year he enlisted as a Corporal in the RCAF in the newly formed Recreation Specialist trade. After initial training and a short stint at RCAF Trenton, he was posted to 3 Wing, Zweibrucken, Germany (1953-1956).  Subsequent postings were to RCAF Foymount (1956-1957); RCAF Goose Bay (1957-1960) and RCAF Greenwood (1960-1966). Upon release, he returned to England where he attended university, graduating as a Physical Education teacher, his profession for the next ten years.  Missing Canada, he and his wife (Renee) moved back to Greenwood where Wilf was employed as the Director of Community Recreation Programs. He subsequently moved to Berwick, NS where he was employed as a Development Manager for several years. He was inducted in the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame for coaching the NS Ladies Field Hockey Team to several national championships. In 1983, he graduated from Acadia University as the first senior citizen to earn a Master of  Recreation degree.  Throughout his life, Wilf was an athlete, a writer, a coach and an organizer par excellence. He loved the Air Force and the sunsets on the Bay of Fundy over which his ashes received burial from the air upon his death in 2001.

HOGAN, Heather  1964 - 2009. Born in Mirimichi NB, Heather was a member of the Physical Education Branch of the Canadian ArmedForces and remustered to Constructional Engineers as a Structural Tech and served in Summerside, PEl; Cornwallis, NS; Cold Lake, Alberta and Aviano, Italy.


HUBBARD, Neil. 1934 - 2002.  Neil was a Rec Spec who served in Manitoba, Alberta, Nova Scotia, CFSPER, England, France and Germany. After promotion to Sgt he completed the ROTP(M) obtaining a BSc (R&PE) at Acadia in 1977.  On retirement he became a Real Estate Agent and was the Past President of the Kingston Real Estate Association. He also was Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Council #9652 St Paul the Apostle Church and 2005 Sir Knight of the Archbishop James V Cleary Assembly in Kingston.

HUBBARD, Walter “Richard."   1932 - 2011  Richie served 24 years as a Physical Education and Recreation Instructor Walter in the Royal Canadian Air Force, with postings in France, England and across Canada. Upon retirement from the RCAF, Rich became the first Recreation Director for the Town of Yarmouth, a position he held until entering politics in 1993. In June of 1993, he was elected to serve as the Yarmouth Member in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, where he completed a term of five years. Although he officially retired in 1998, he continued to take an active role and interest in the community, especially in being able to help and serve people. He assisted and promoted sports in Yarmouth and throughout his career in the Armed Forces. He participated as a player, coach, team and facility builder. He received many awards and special recognitions for his contributions, with highlights being his induction to the Yarmouth Sports Hall of Fame in 2000 and being honored by Sport Nova Scotia.   Obit

HUDSON. Ted.  1931-2003. A former (RCA)LAA Gnr, Ted served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 1949 - 1974 and retired as an MWO in the PERI trade. He later worked as the administrator for the UNB Student Union. He was also a researcher for the NB Drug and Alcohol Commission. He was a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Parish in which he served in many capacities. He was a 4th degree member of the Knights of Columbus and a lifetime member and past Governor of the Gage Golf Club in Oromocto NB.

IRWIN, Ray  1926-2017  Ray was born June 12, 1926 at the Miami Cottage Hospital and attended a one room school in Bottenville and High School at Thornhill ON, while living with his eldest sister Rieta and John Stevens, riding to school every day from the farm. Ray enlisted on 12 Jan 1944 and underwent chemical DM testing at Suffield, Alberta. He was left with a hoarseness to his voice as well as lung problems which advanced with age. In fact, once a news reporter got drift of this she commenced a lengthy investigation. This eventual ended up as a CBC Investigation and they had Ray expand on the entire exercise. The personnel were not made aware of the intent of the "Exercise."

Transferring to RCN at the end of WW2 he served in Korea 1951-1952 on the HMCS Cayuga.  He re-mustered to our Branch, qualifying on the #31 Quals course 11 July-31 October,1949. At the time of qualifying Ray was a PO2. He further qualified on the PR3 course 14 August-15 December 1954 as a PO1. His PR4 course was held 10 August 1958. All courses were held in Cornwallis. Ray was commissioned from the ranks in 1963. His last posting was Director of Athletics at RRMC. After serving 27 years, he retired in 1974 and attended the University of Victoria earning his Bachelor of Education (Honors). He taught Junior and Senior High School at 100 Mile House, BC until retirement again at age 60. His third career was breeding and training thoroughbred race horses at the Assiniboia Downs Manitoba. After retiring from his teaching job he moved to Elm Creek Manitoba, bought a farm and continued with his interest in horse racing, He ran his stable of horses at a Winnipeg Race Course for several years. As he aged he cut back on time spent with the racing and eventually sold all of his horses.

Ray passed on 9 Feb 2017 in his 91st year and will be cremated.


JACK, Jimmy. 1923-2010. James Hepburn Jack (Jim) was born in Arbroath Scotland 16 Apr 1923. He joined the RN on 17 Nov 1942 and served as a remedial therapist until 1945. In 1948 he joined the RCN and served as a C1 in Esquimalt with short postings on several ships until 1971. Jim enjoyed Square dancing, fishing, hunting, skiing, curling, bowling and wood working. Earlier in his career, he was somehow or other allowed to compete as a professional wrestler while serving in the RCN.

JOHNSON, Alfred Edward   ? - 2010.    Alfred graduated from New Glasgow High School in NS where heexcelled in track, rugger, hockey, baseball and softball. In 1941 he joined the RCAF and over the next few years he served at the Manning Depot in Toronto; at Centralia; Fingal; Eglington ITS; Trenton for PT&DI Course No 8 ( F/Sgt George Nick was chief PT Instructor and F/Sgt Mackernan was the drill instructor); and No 1Y Depot Halifax. 1944-45 found him with the Eastern Air Cadet Training Wing; 501 PHU; 10 BR Gander and Torbay NL.

(More)                                       (Obit)

JONES, Keray. 1930 - 2014.     Keray died peacefully at home on the morning of 17 Dec 2014 succumbing to progressive

lung disease. The saga of the fiery red-headed kid born (28 June 1930) in Edmonton has come to an end. He grew up in the Okanagan Valley, joined the Navy when he was 18 and retired proudly as a Chief Petty Officer in the PERI 851 classification. He was a multi talented athlete and excelled in several sports including curling, volleyball, squash, horseshoes and many others. He also was a very talented craftsman having carved numerous memorable creations many of which were naval related.


KEENER, Bill.   1947-1990. After going through ROTP, Bill became a Lt in the Army in 1970 upon graduation from Western University (London, ON) and served at Borden, Comox, Trenton, RMC, RRMC, NDHQ and his final years were spent at Esquimalt. He would often comment that his most meaningful work was while serving at RRMC Victoria. Bill was physically active during the 70s and 80s playing for many Base teams. In the later years he became a biker and golfer. Bill died of lymphatic cancer at age 43. He is buried in the military cemetery near the 12th green of the Gorge Vale Golf Course.  More

Kathy's address can be found under "Spouses and Friends" on the Locator Page.

KELLY, Joseph, Andrew, Albert "Pep"  1921-1975. (From his daughter Eileen Kelly-Dupont) "Pep" passed away in   Coaticook, Quebec in 1975. On his RCAF documents it states that he joined the RCAF on 8 Nov 1940 and was released on 15 Mar 1946. He qualified as a PT&DI on Course #3 on 31 Oct 1943 and served at various places in Canada and in the UK for 10 months before coming home. I believe the photos attached were taken in 1941-42 during his PTI Training and later at a basic training field day because in 1943 he was attending the Wireless School in Montreal.

Photos              Obit

KENNEDY, Jake 1957-2011   Born James Alexander Kennedy on September 1st, 1957 he suited Labour Day, because he worked hard at everything he did. As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (Navy) Jake sailed the world. Later, he found his true calling as a PERI, and began a love affair with fitness and coaching. He completed 11 Ironman triathlons, many runs and many miles on his bike. As an athlete, coach, mentor, trainer and leader, he held the respect of many for his dedication, discipline, sacrifice and desire to bring the best out of everyone he knew.             Obit



KERNAGHAN, Ralph. 1928-2017   Walter Ralph Kernaghan was born in Salmon Arm BC on 25 October 1928; and did all of his schooling there. He joined the Army Provost Corps on 16 July 1951. An excellent X-country skier, basketball, volleyball player and javelin thrower, he was a natural to attend a PTI Group 3 Course at the ASPT in 1961 as a route to achieve his goal to become a PERO. He then served in Winnipeg, Borden and Gagetown from where in 1973, he retired. Married to Marilyn in 1952, they raised five children. On retirement Ralph returned to his birthplace of Salmon Arm, where he worked in purchasing for Federal Co-Op. He enjoyed golfing, the local fly-tying club, and especially hunting, camping, fishing in his secret lakes and actively participing in the Pacreg Reunion reunions. Together with his wife, Marilyn, he was honoured to be a lifetime member of the Okanagan Historical Society. He passed away on 5 Nov 2017 and Marilyn his wife for over 65 years passed away 9 days later on the 14th.


KERRISON, Harry 1922- 2013.  Harry enlisted in the RCAF in 1941 and became a radar tech with 422 Squadron in Scotland and Ireland with Coastal Command. He later remustered to navigator and was sent back to Canada for training .  After the war he earned his Physed Degree, then on 2 February 1951, was commissioned as a Flying Officer if the RCAF and posted to RCAF Station Aylmer, Ontario, as the Station Physical Training and Drill Officer. His staff, at that time, consisted of Corporal Eddy Senos . . . .  Continued in the Obituary


KING, James 1934-2015. Born in Glace Bay NS, Jim joined the Army at age 16. Jim was a former 3 RCHA Gunner and PERI who made quite a name for himself as a boxer when he fought his way to becoming the CAF and national heavyweight champion in 1962. He attended Gp 2 Course in Borden in 61 and completed his Gp 3 course in 62. He had boxed his way from middle to hevayweight over the years culminating in the article linked as "more" below.

I had the joy of a retired friendship with Jimmy and can tell you that he loved living along the Welland Canal in the Niagara Peninsula. He was a huge supporter of any and all Korea Veteran ceremonies in Southern Ontario. He was also very active in the local Legions in South-western Ontario. Although he spent the last few years of his Military Career as a Food Service Specialist, his true love was being an Army PTI. May he rest in peace and play “kick-ass” with all his fellow “jock-strappers” in the big gymnasium above! Blessings, Mike Comeau, CD   

More           Obit


KING, Robert   1934-2016.  It is with sadness that we announce the passing of a dear husband, father, and grandfather Robert George King. Born 8 April 1934 and passed 23 November 2016. Bob left us peacefully in his sleep after a long illness. Husband of 60 Years to Myra King, father to Lynn King (Stephen) of Kingston, Michael King (Helen) and grandfather to Sasha of White Horse, Yukon. Predeceased by his parents George and Gwen and sister Patricia Houghton. Bob was well known in the Kingston Area and had served his country for 29 years in the Armed Forces (Navy).  He served in several RCN Bases and at both RMC and CFB (K) while in Kingston. He will be sadly missed. RIP.

KIRKWOOD, Jim.   ? - 1995     Sgt. James Francis Lloyd Kirkwood - enlisted 10 June 1954 in Toronto, Ontario and was discharged - 13 October 1987 while in CFS Masset, BC. After his discharge he began working as a Commissionnaire in Masset. He died of a massive heart attack on the golf course there on 25 June 1995.



KYTE, John Albert (Bert) 1939-2005  Born January 18, 1939 in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Bert passed away June 13, 2005 after a brave battle with cancer. Bert and Gerry McGarry hung out during school years in Kentville, then Bert joined the Air Force in 1957 as a FtrCop a few months before Gerry and remustered a couple years later to Rec Spec.  He was trained under Felix Walker around 1963 then took his release later in the 1960's. Bert is survived by his mother Alice, sister Sharon and brother Richard, all of Nova Scotia, as well as numerous nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his father Ben and sister Sylvia. He is also survived by his longtime friend Hilda Hamilton of Burnaby. Bert's sardonic sense of humour will be missed by his business associates and particularly by the Corp 3 Group at Golden Eagle Golf Club. Bert greatly appreciated the compassion and generosity of his associates at Leavitt Machinery during his illness, as well as the TLC provided by his doctors, and the nurses at Ridge Meadows Hospital. It was Bert's wish to be cremated with no special service. A wake will be held Sunday, June 26 at 1:30 p.m. at Golden Eagle Golf Course. Donations may be made in Bert's memory to the Canadian Cancer Society. Garden Hill Funeral Chapel 604-463-8161

Submitted by Gerry McGarry and published in the Vancouver Sun and The Province on 6/18/2005.

LaGARDE, Claude  1952-2011. Claude was born in Lachute, QC on 24 Apr 52.  He joined the CF in Sep 70 and did his recruit training at RCAF St-Johns (St-Jean) and then completed his TQ3 AD Tech training at CFS Lac St-Denis. He was posted to CFS Holberg in 1971 where he worked as an AD Tech until his remuster to PERI 851 after graduating from his PERI TQ5 in June 74. As a PERI 851 Claude served at CFB Borden - June 74 to June 76 (Cpl); Cadet Athletic Trg Crse Borden 1975 CFB St-Jean - June 76 to July 81 (promoted to MCpl in 1981);  CFS Moisie - July 81 to July 83; CMR St-Jean - July 83 to July 87 (promoted to Sgt in 1984); TQ6A Borden - Sept 83 to Dec 83; CFB Lahr - July 87 to June 91; CFB Montréal - June 91 to July 94; CFB St-Jean - July 94 to 31 March 97 (Sgt in fitness cell); then on retirement he went to the PSP St-Jean Garrison - April 97 to July 2007 as the Fitness Coord. Claude passed away on Wed 28 Sep 11 at age 59, leaving behind his wife (Carole), 2 Boys (Éric & Marc) and 2 grand-children. Obit

LAMB, Buster.  ? - ?   Buster was an RC Sigs NCO who became a PTI in the late 50’s. He served with many units, retiring as an MWO from Lipsett Hall in Winnipeg. On retirement he became the Aquatics Supervisor for the Department of Parks and Recreation in Prince Rupert BC.

LANDRY, (Hank) Henry Robert. 1960- 2015. Hank was a remuster from the Army to the PERI trade.  After his retirement he worked as a correctional officer in Kingston, ON.  Hank passed away peacefully with family and friends by his side at St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at the age of 55. Loving husband of 25 years to Shelley. Proud father of Robert and Josh. Son of Pat Gorr (Lewis) of Nova Scotia, brother of Faith Landry of Prince George, BC, and grandson of Christina Gorr of Dryden, ON. Cremation has taken place under the care of the James Reid Crematorium. Memorial Reception will be held in the James Reid Reception Centre, Kingston ON, please use rear doors (1900 John Counter Boulevard) on Monday, March 9, 2015 from 2pm to 4pm. As expressions of sympathy, memorial contributions in Henry's memory may be made to UHKF (Cancer Centre of SE Ontario)


LANGER, Thomas Heinz  1951-2014.      Tom remustered from the RCAF and attended a TQ5 re-muster course at Thomas Heinz LangerCFSPER in Jan 1974. He retired from the military after 24 years of service to pursue education and other interests, one of which included being a passionate golfer. 



LAVIGNE, Rheo. 1931-2005. A former member of the R22eR, on his return from Korea in the early 50’s he attended a Unit PT Course and subsequently was taken on strength of the PT Wing (RCS of I) as an instructor, where he helped train many aspiring PERIs. In the 60's he was CFR'd from the rank of MWO. An avid hockey lover, he coached and played well into his sixties. With postings to Borden, Gagetown, Germany, Montreal, CMR and Ottawa, Rheo served for 37 years, retiring as a Capt in 1987.   Obit


LAWRENCE, William (Bill)  1936-2009    Born in Sydney N.S. Bill was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1951 to 1976. He was a good athlete and a very good all-round Rec Spec and an artist at visual publicity in support of Sports events and Recreation activities. He was a fan of Alfie Newman (Mad Comics) and used the "kid with the ears" frequently in his publicity posters.Bill worked at Bowden Institution from 1977 to his retirement. Stricken with dementia some years back he gradually sucumbed to that affliction. He was a remarkable personality in his younger (RecSpec/PERI) days. His greatest love was golfing. He was past President of the Innisfail Golf and Country Club and was an active member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #104 in Innisfail.   Obit

LAWSON, Chuck  1939-2007    Chuck served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 26 years, serving three years in NATO, Germany;several years in the Pine Tree Line, at numerous bases in British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia., retiring as Sergeant in the field of Physical Education and Recreation. He was awarded the CD, Queen's Jubilee Medal and NATO Special Services Medal. Retiring in 1984, he then spent eight years in the real estate industry. He was a member of the Masonic Order and a Past Master of Keith Lodge No.16, Bear River. He was a Past Grand Lodge Officer, having served in Annapolis/Digby District as Grand Chaplain in 1998 and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 2001.    Obit

LEACH, Jim    1935 - 2008  Jim joined the Army as a  member of the Royal Canadian Engineers then transferred to  the

 PT Cadre in 1955. He progressed rapidly through the ranks and retired as a major. Among other locations he served in Chilliwack, CFSPER and NDHQ. He was predeceased by his wife Doris in 2006.        Obit



LEBLANC, Raynald    ? - 2010
LEFEVRE, FH (Coonie) 1917 - 2007.   Coonie passed away on January 27th, 2007 in Ottawa. He was  in his 91st year.  Coonie served in the RCAF from 1939 – 1966.  He will be best remembered as one of the original “Rec Spec” officers during most of the 1950s until his retirement in 1966.  During the “heydays” of RCAF boxing, he handled the entire team as manager  - including the likes of “Pinky” Mitchell; Eddie Senos; and Ron Lasalle.  He was also well known in Forces hockey and was still an "on ice" official well into the 1960s – doing mostly Air Division games in Europe. Coonie was highly respected and admired for his sense of humour and sense of fair play.

LEITCH, Abe,   ? - ?   F/O RCAF Rec Spec

LENZ, Chub.   ? - 2001   


LEWIS, Ivan 1945-2006  Ivan was a former Army member. (Obit)

LONEY, Don. ? - ?.  LCdr

LOVELY, Darryl. ? - ?  

LUMLEY, Mel. ? - ?. CPO 2

LYNCH, Frank.  1921 - 1980   Frank was a flight instructor during WW2 at the Air Commonwealth Command and left the Military at the conclusion of the war. He then attended McGill University in Montreal where he received his Masters Degree in Physical Education.  His first job was working in Weyburn Saskatchewan after his university graduation and in 1952 he re-enlisted in Regina Saskatchewan as a Flt/Lt and was stationed to Montreal for training before being posted to Zweibrucken. He was transferred to CFB Trenton after Zweibrucken and was stationed there from 1958-1962.  After Trenton he was transferred to CFB Greenwood N.S from 1963-1966.  At both locations he was the Base Recreation Officer.  After Greenwood in 1967, he took his retirement posting to CFB Downsview in Toronto and then retired.  He became a Physical Education Teacher at Renfrew Collegiate Institute in Renfrew Ontario from 1967-1980 when he passed of a heart attack at the age of 59. Full photo


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