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“My greatest memory was beating Queens at home and at Queens as the new head coach of the basketball team! I really enjoyed the fast pace that the Royal Military College provided.”

e-veritas: At which military college did you serve?

Ken Harvey: I served at Royal Military College in Kingston as Athletic Administration Officer from 74-77. As Athletic administration officer, I was responsible for the budgeting and scheduling for the RMC varsity teams.

e-veritas: How did you come to be a Physical Education Recreation Officer?

Ken Harvey: My University (University of New Brunswick in Fredericton New Brunswick) degree was Physical Education and Recreation. My main sport was basktball. I had taught highschool at Sault Collegiate in Sault Saint Marie Ontario for one year before I joined the Military in 1965. I began serving in the Air Force as a pilot in 1965. I started refereeing basketball in 1967.

When I was grounded with an eye injury in 1974, the military offered to retain me in the Admin Branch. I was posted to the Royal Military College in May of 1974. I had an offer to go back to teach at my former High school. I remembered talking with Doug Heargraves when he was coaching football at RMC. He had told me how rewarding it was to work with the cadets. I elected to take the offer to stay in the military and go to RMC!

e-veritas: Do you have a short story that you would like to share with our readers?

Ken Harvey: Upon arriving in Kingston in early May 74, I was informed that I was to be the First Welfare Recreation Officer from my new Branch to serve in Egypt . I was leaving for Egypt on the 24th of the Month.This was quite a shock! My wife, Lynda and I were just about to move into our house in Kingston but our furniture had not yet arrived.Needless to say my wife was not amused to be left alone with a 5 year old and 1 year boys. I arrived back to RMC the first week of Dec 74. I was surplus which was perfect as I was able to work beside Ken MacDonald (Athletic Admin Officer) for 5 months before I took over the position.

e-veritas: Did you coach a varsity team?

Ken Harvey: I had the chance to assistant coach the Basketball team at RMC for 5 months before becoming Head Coach from August 1975 -77. Running the basketball program at RMC was challenging since we competed against teams from much bigger universities such as University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa. The main goal was for the cadets to play to the best of their ability. We always had a good showing and never quit. The cadets played their hearts out. I recall that 10889 Tony Tasker (CMR RMC 1976) was a top rebounder. My players included 13175 Robert Sargeant (RMC 1981), and the twins 12202 John Mackley (RMC 1979) and 12203 Raymond Mackley (RMC 1979).

e-veritas: What was the highlight of your time at RMC?

Ken Harvey: My greatest memory was beating Queens at home and at Queens as the new head coach of the basketball team! I really enjoyed the fast pace that the Royal Military College provided .

e-veritas: Outline your career, after RMC.

Ken Harvey: I was almost in shock when I was posted to Greenwood Nova Scotia as Base Physical Education Recreation Officer in June 1977 as the pace came to a grinding slowdown. I was promoted to Major and posted to Ottawa as Director of Amenities from 1981-4. With a staff of 6 people, I looked after entertainment shows, movies, legion book depot and newspapers for military. After a year of French training 1985, I went to Europe as Command Recreation Officer in Laars, Germany 1986-1990. While I was in Lahr Germany (1986), I was asked to organize the National All-star team (pre-CISM) for the B-ball tournament in Europe. I recommended the establshment of a National Canadian Forces basketball program in 1988. In 1989, CISM was created. I was on the CISM permanent b-ball staff representing Canada from 1988-1994. I had the opportunity to travel to the CISM international games in Rome (as Director); Greece (as Chief Official) and Korea (as Chef de Mission). In 1990, I was posted back to Canada to head up the amenities program in Director Personnel Recreation Amenities from 1990 until I retired in 1995. At the time, we were responsible for delivering movies, entertainment shows, legion book depot, and newspapers to military personnel in Bosnia, Golan Heights, and other foreign posts. I retired when the Physical Education and Recreation branch was dissolved in 1995 and moved to Victoria.

e-veritas: What are you up to these days?

Ken Harvey: Now I am taking life easy at age 68. My wife Linda and I play a little golf. My activities are restricted due to a bad back and other ailments that come with age and the results of years of competitive sports and refereeing Basketball!