Hi All;   

Marlise and I just came back from a 4 day visit with Ivan and Ingrid and I thought I would let you all know how he is doing.     Ivan has deteriorated quite a bit in the last month or so.  Although he can still get around and he still drives, he has to use crutches and walks very slowly.  The cancer will slowly weaken the pelvic and hip bones until they no longer support him and then he will be bedridden from then on.     Both he and Ingrid have accepted the situation and are living each day with as much gusto and enthusiasm as they can muster.     Our visit was very positive, we reminisced and laughed a lot about old times, stuffed ourselves with seafood, and put a dent in Ivan's home brewed beer stash.  I even challenged him to a mile and a half saying I think I could take him now but he said "No way I'd trip you up with my crutches and still beat you!"....and he probably could...     I talked to Ingrid on the phone when I got back home and she said the visit was exactly what Ivan needed.  He is grateful for phone calls and emails but she said it's the visits that light him up.  So if your out that way he would sure appreciate a visit and if not I'm sure a phone call or an email would certainly lift his spirits. .....

love yall...


Ivan & Ingrid Lewis
45 West Old Post Road
Smith's Cove,
Digby County, N.S.
B0S 1S0
Phone    1(902) 245-6836
E-Mail    ivannlew@tartannet.ns.ca