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1 July 2006

Dear friends & colleagues


Having served for 26 years in the service I have always had strong feelings for the work we did but also for the Canadian Armed Forces in general. I'm sure many of you have been as frustrated as I in the 15-20 years at the neglect that the Liberal Governments had our Forces suffer.


Finally with the change in government we seem to have lucked in to a group of people who have a viable vision of our country.


I was so pleased, I decided to write a congratulatory letter to the Minister and at the same time make a plea to have the Physical Education & Recreation Branch re-established.


I know that I do not know many of you who came after my time but I do know that you all worked diligently and in a dedicated manner and I feel that the re-establishment of our Branch would enhance the effectiveness of our Armed Forces.


Those who became civilians with the PSP are just as important since they have done a tremendous job. They will be retiring and their replacements will not have a military background and this concerns me.


Attached are the letter to the Minister and the Annexes which are self-explanatory.


If you agree, a word to your MP may be very useful..


Yours Sincerely,


Art Barbeau


Major Arthur E. Barbeau, C.D. (Ret.),                                         July 1, 2006

14500-408 Pierrefonds , Que.,

Pierrefonds, Quebec,

H9H 5L2


The Honourable Gordon O’Connor,

Minister of National Defence,

National Defence Headquarters,

Major-General George R. Pearkes Building,

101 Colonel By Drive,

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

K1A 0K2


Dear Sir

My objective in writing to you to-day is to congratulate you and Prime Minister Harper on the refreshing, intelligent and competent approach to bringing our Armed Forces up to its past efficiency and effectiveness on the world stage. Having spent 26 years in the RCAF – CAF the Armed Forces to me and many other Canadians, I am sure, is very important. During the last decimating 13 years, the reduction in funding ability did away with many important elements including the Physical Education & Recreation Branch in 1997. The Armed Forces reverted back to having personnel work on their fitness as a secondary duty. Because of our population size our Armed Forces will always be proportionate and so we should be aiming for quality and a high level of professionalism and effectiveness. The Physical Education & Recreation Branch always had an important role in achieving this and should be re-established.

A few years ago I wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada expressing my concern for the terrible state that our Armed Forces had then arrived at. I was referred to Mr. McCallum, then the MND, whose office wrote me that a policy review would be presented in the Fall. Nothing significantly occurred and the negative events continued to harm the Canadian Armed Forces image. I was impressed by your statements on CTV’s program “Question Period” on Sunday June 25. Your sincerity and profound knowledge came through loud and clear. Finally we have people who know what they are doing. Thank you sir!


Your consideration of the following annexes and the re-establishment of the Physical Education & Recreation Branch serving to enhance the image and effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces would be greatly appreciated by many .


Annex “A”   Situation Analysis - Outlines the reasons and recommendations to correct the present situation.

Annex “B”  List of retired, experienced and knowledgeable personnel that could serve on an organizational group to plan and execute the re-establishment of the  modern Physical Education & Recreation Branch as quickly as possible.


Yours Sincerely,

Arthur E. Barbeau C.D.

Major (Ret)

Annex “A”

                                                     SITUATION ANALYSIS

                                                             July 1st 2006

Subject:  Physical Education & Recreation Branch – Re-Establishment.

It is with great relief that our Federal Government is finally showing a return to common sense with Canada’s National Defense. Throughout history, time and time again, we have seen great empires disappear through the softening and complacency of periodic situations that decimated the spirit of a population  and its Armed Forces.The general population had lived through generations of comfortable  living conditions that resulted in a self-destructive complacency. This was happening to us with the Liberal Government’s decades-long neglect of the Canadian Armed Forces which began with the Trudeau’s indifference which became habitual and aggravated by the desire to balance the budget by the Chretien and Martin governments thus  overshadowing the real needs of the country.

Over the years the constant reduction of expenditures for the Forces continued to weaken its effectiveness. The transfer of many functions to a civil service  function that was considered administrative in nature weakened the inherent effectiveness of many elements that seemed less important then the primary goal and thus could be handled by administrators that had little or no military background. The overall subtle  result is difficult to measure  but after a few years one perceives on an overview that the competence of the organization had been badly diminished.

The effort to eliminate the deficit established a mind-set in the Government bureaucracy that continued even after excessive surpluses occurred. The Government’s Procurement Division was certainly affected. The submarine purchase from the U.K. was another scenario indicating the same “malaise” driven by restrictive expenditure goals. How many civil servants were involved in this decision ? It is difficult to believe that the final decision was a satisfactory military  one.

In the 50- 70s, during the Cold War, there was a tremendous pride in excellent management with systems inaugurated such as Management By Objectives (MBO) and {MBR) Management By Results. We were trained in Program Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT) to plan  complex operations.

The present Government is now showing a desire to move away from the shameful neglect of our Armed Forces. The need for an assertion of our sovereignty in the North and the re-establishment of a proportional military representation in the NATO alliance is a must for our national self-esteem and for our international prestige. The challenge to our sovereignty over the Hans Island by Denmark was the thin edge of the wedge towards irrelevance in the North. The Prime Minister astutely ended this by his promise of establishing a strong presence in the North. 

My particular concern is with the manner in which the Physical Education and Recreation (PER) Branch of the service was decimated since the merger of the three elements in 1968 and eventually being disbanded in 1997.

Commanders were requested to reduce manpower for budget control purposes and the abstract Physical Education & Recreation element could not compete with the primary immediate military function.  Physical Fitness for the sharp end of the Force reverted back to assigning tradesmen to a secondary task of conducting  physical training for those requiring to be fighting fit. Commanders have made do with this procedure and it is only because of outstanding leadership on their part that many units succeed acceptable standards that are nevertheless missing some important intangible elements. The unfortunate scandalous experience of the shamefully disbanded Canadian Airborne Regiment may not have occurred if Physical Fitness Training had been conducted by a professional Physical Training Instructor Cadre. The Physical Training Instructor (PTI)  in all three services were always looked upon with respect and disciplined consideration and served as leadership models to all personnel.


Military  Individual’s Inner Strength

The mental and physical fitness of the military individual must be totally considered  and encompasses an external discipline that re-enforces the inner discipline of a well trained soldier/sailor/airman. Coupled with training in the specific function, whether it is to go into battle on land, sea or air, this inner discipline is a key to effective military performance especially when individuals are in peril.

The PERO/PERI is trained to promote and develop this inner discipline through programs that include obstacle courses, sports competition and physical fitness activities and, a professional attitude.                                                  


The Modern Physical Education & Recreation Officer and Instructor (PERO/PERI)

The modern Physical Fitness & Recreation Specialist  would include particular concern for quality of life and mental well-being and have the following training and professional expertise.

1-Physiology and Anatomy

2-Physiotherapeutic basics

3- Sports injuries and treatment

4- Sports Competitions – Organization Methods

5- Aquatic skills:

     Royal Life Saving Qualifications

     Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Programs.

     SCUBA Training and underwater operations.   

6- Management Principles

7- Leadership elements including Group Dynamics.

    Competition Psychology  equating to  Military Combat Psychology

8- Recreation needs of the individual soldier, sailor, airman as it relates to friends, family and environment. A surveillance and co-ordinated liaison with DND Personnel Support Programs would be required as personnel with a military background are retiring and new people will not have the feel for recreation needs for this type of community.


Mental and Physical Fitness is paramount for an effective fighting Force. A well organized Physical Education & Recreation Branch would be a most important factor in achieving this excellence.


Arthur E. Barbeau CD, Major (Ret)


Annex  B



The following is a list of retired Physical Education & Recreation Specialists who would be invaluable in planning the renewal of this important element to the Canadian Armed Forces’ excellence.

Core Group

Lt. Col. Ernie Miller C.D. (Ret) 

200 Arkian Rd. Carleton Place, Ont. K7C 4T8  613-257-8949

In July 1974 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and posted as the Deputy Director (Administration) of CANEX, with major responsibility for policy regarding all NPF employees, wherever they were employed.

In 1976 he was named Director of Physical Education Recreation and Amenities which included messes, radio and TV stations policy and provision of programming to overseas, isolated units and ships. Under his supervision a Force’s wide program of physical fitness and reporting with emphasis  on testing and compulsory programs to bring all personnel up to required standards.

In 1983 he returned  to  the DGPS as Special Projects Officer with special responsibility for Public/NPF support relationships and for major policy adjustments and rulings on unique situations to meet the changing character and requirements of the Forces.



Major Harry Kerrison C.D. (Ret)

43 Chamonix East, Cantley Que., J8V3B2  

Major Kerrison was among the planning group for the new RCAF trade of Recreation & Athletic Specialist in 1952 and directed the first 10 week course in the Spring of 1953 at Stn Aylmer #2 KTS. The new trade became known as the RASpec and eventually RecSpec. 

In 1958, before the 5BX program was authorized, he was seconded to AFHQ to take two summertime reserve specialists to the All-Weather Fighter stations across the country to test the fitness of their pilots and navigators and also to instruct them, and the Base Rec Specs, in the use and conduct of this program.       

This rejuvenated emphasis on the physical fitness aspect of the "Rec Spec" trade called for a considerable revamping of the training syllabus of the course (which had now been transferred to RCAF Station Camp Borden) and the job descriptions of the trade. The course then became known as the "Physical Education and Recreation Specialist" course and its graduates assumed the same trade title. After the cross country tour, he returned to the "school" as Director

He was then transferred to National Defence Headquarters as the officer responsible for physical fitness training in the Physical Fitness and Recreation Branch of the Canadian Forces. After three years at NDHQ, He was transferred to Canadian Forces Base Borden as the Commandant of the newly established Canadian Forces School of Physical Education and Recreation (CFSPER). There, the key staffs from the schools of the three services were joined. Courses were added for coaches, officials of various sports, recreation courses of several types, aquatics courses and unit physical training instructors courses.   He remained in this position for over three years and retired on 28 August, 1971

Major J. Kassanda, OMM, CD (Ret) 

148 Melwood Ave., Ottawa, Ont., K2A 3C3) 

At NDHQ Jerry inaugurated and worked diligently on the trade magazine/newsletter  “The Periscope”( a play on the acronym derived from the Physical Education & Recreation Instructor” (PERI)). This was an excellent periodic that kept the specialists in the field informed for many years.

He authored the  CANADIAN FORCES PHYSICL EDUCATION & RECREATION BRANCH handbook. He called it a handbook but it could very well be considered a blueprint for the whole organization; will be a most important tool in the planning of the re-establishment of the Branch.

In 1978 he was appointed Commandant of the Canadian Forces School of Physical Education and Recreation. He retired in 1981.

Major A.E Barbeau, C.D. (Ret)

14500-408 Pierrefonds Blvd. Pierrefonds, Que., H9H 5L2      514- 626-9768)

Art was the Mobile Command Physical Education & Recreation Officer,1972-74. He was tasked by  Lt. Gen. S. Waters to design a physical fitness test for the fighting forces that endured for decades and is possibly still being used. He took early retirement in order to work for Bechtel/Lavalin Engineering in June 74. He organized Sports & Recreation programs for the workers on the troubled LG-2 site of the James Bay Energy Complex  in Quebec and contributed significantly to the normalizing of the work environment.

Capt. K. MacDonald C.D. (Ret)

52-850 Parklands Dr., Victoria, B.C. V9A 7L9 250-282-9233

An outstanding PERI and PERO Ken publishes a web site that continues to report the activities of hundreds of former Physical Education & Recreation Instructors (PERIs and PEROs). Their location and biographies and their activities are recorded and is very useful to those who wish to find former colleagues. It contains the history of Physical Fitness Training in the three Forces that dates back to WWII.

Major Stu Shackell C.D. (Ret)

27-280 McClennan Rd., Nepean, Ont., B0S 1B0    902-767-0658

Stu served in the 70’s as the navy representative at the Directorate of Physical Education, Recreation & Amenities (DPERA) and contributed immensely to the well-being and fitness of servicemen and women and their families.

Major W. Oliver C.D. (Ret) 30 Terrace View Rd., Kingston, Ont., K7K 6S7.     613-542-3791

Bill is a retired former Athletic Director of the Royal Military College in Kingston and assisted by his wife Rollande, continues to serve the College by publishing the RMC Alumni internet site e-Veritas. This site contains information on the sports competitions and history of the College and the activities of retired and serving alumni.


Many others are qualified to contribute to the re-establishment of the Branch and could be called upon to participate. Some of these follow;

Lt.Col. Greg Pearson OMM, CD, (Ret) Former DPERA & CFSPER Commandant and recently the Executive Vice-President Personnel Support Programs for the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency

Major Hank Tatarchuk CD– Olympic organizer – Basketball Hall of Famer

Major Jim Gebhardt  CD– Former RMC Athletic Director

Dr. Wayne Lee -RMC Athletic Department

Captain Barney Barnard CD– Specialist in programming for isolated units.

Captain Felix Walker CD -PRTI Course Director

Captain Bill Buck CD – PRTI / RecSpec Instructor

Captain Ace Wolfe CD -  Experienced PERO

Captain Lee Roberge CD – Experienced PERO

Warrant Officer Sandy Adkins CD – Experienced PERI

Sergeant Mike Mercredi CD-Experienced PERI

We repeat, many others could be called upon and those that are interested would be invited to contribute.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


From: Dale Dirks <>


Subject: Physical Education and Recreation Branch  Re-Birth

Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 17:09:51 -0700

MND and CDS.

My name is Dale Dirks retired MWO served for 34 years and retired from the CF and PER  Branch 1992.

I read the letter submitted to yourself by Major(rtd) Art Barbeau and would like to add my thoughts to this issue. I believe with all my heart there is a requirement for the re-birth of the Physical Education and Recreation Branch as a valued addition to the already wonderful  Armed Forces we have representing Canada at every level of operation.

I have no idea as to the level of fitness of our troops who are serving in the UN  and other Operations but I can tell you I am proud of them and believe that they must have gone through hell in preparing for their missions.  I can attest to the training which was necessary in my day but in this new advanced warfare and areas of operation I feel we must be at our peak and maintain that peak throughout the mission.  This will be difficult to do  unless our leaders are well versed in physical training methods and be able to  implement proper training methods to minimize down time through injury and improper training methods.

Gone are the days when we dressed in full marching order, went on a 10 mile march and were fit the next day because of this.  I witnessed this type of training even during my time by leaders who had no idea as to what they were doing and no idea as to the consequences of their actions.  These same leaders for what ever reason had a grudge against the PE Corp and would not bring themselves back to the gym for proper training methods.

The PE Corp became facility managers and recreation leaders when the three services became one.  No one wanted to go in the field to train soldiers except a few who understood this need but our efforts fell on deaf ears. We did not have a General at the top of our trade.  A leader who believed in the proper health and welfare of his or her troops and one who  had the rank to bring about change.  This was lacking and should have been  addressed  but to my knowledge, never was.

Enough said at this point. I am forwarding this e mail to one of my former Commanding Officers (BPERO) whom I believe to be an excellent leader and one who always had the best interest of her troops at heart.  Hopefully she will add her ten cents worth and help bring about the establishment of another PER Corps.

Thank you,

Dale Dirks


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



03 August 2006

Attached, you will find 3 Microsoft Word documents in support of the Re-birth and Revival of the Physical Education and Recreation Branch in the Canadian Forces, as a specialist Branch.

Thank you for your attention to this sensitive subject matter.

Major(ret) Michelle Lesieur, CD1




References :

           A.  OP PURPLE CROSS document submitted to CDS dated 22 October 2001

B.   PE&R Branch submission by Major(ret) Art Barbeau dated 01 July 2006.

C.   Letter/Email from MWO(ret) Dale Dirks dated 02 August 2006

D.   PE&R Branch Doctrine, attached as Annex A

E.   Official Languages Doctrine, 14 February 1899, attached as Annex B

F.   Current Master Implementation Plan-Official Languages CF/DND

G.   My Statutory Declaration Document dated 01 July 2006

H.   My Addendum, CF Minority Report dated 21 July 2006

I.   My CF Minority Report submitted from June-November 2005

J.   Letter from the Minister’s Office dated 28 July 2006

K.   Draft Masters in Epistemology-approved by ADM(Per) in 1993-94

From :  Major(retired) MFM (Michelle) Lesieur, CD1 (1973-1995)

To : Minister of National Defence and Chief-of-Defence Staff CF/CF Chief Warrant Officer


Date : 03 August 2006

Greetings to all three VIP’s of Canadian Defence Purple Policy, Peace Plan and Personnel People,

First of all, I may only echo the Kudos to both the new Minister, the Chief-of-Defence Staff, and let’s not forget the CF Chief Warrant Officer who carries the LIVING SOUL of the motto MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO, since Latin dictates that MENS is the SPIRIT whilst the CORPORE is the SOUL and BODY of the CORPORATE MEMORY of not only both Official Languages of Canada, of which I was formerly « accused » of having acquired, citing former Lieutenant-General Paul G. Addy, whom I would recommend as the Senior Leader of a Special Commission for the Revival of the PE&R Branch. Lieutenant-General Paul G. Addy was not only ADM(Per) and President of ECOL (Executive Committee on Official Languages but also the designated Biathlon Sports Patron : in addition, he is  a native bilingual, and in my humble opinion, he should preside over a Special Commission to study the feaseability of reviving the PE&R Branch as a MILITARY ENTITY, and NOT a dead SOUL and SPIRIT.

Second of all, the names proposed by belated Major(ret) Art Barbeau is heavily represented by Officers, and does not mention our foremost authority, also our last DPERA (Director Physical Education Recreation and Amenities) who was Lieutenant-Colonel Randy Helgason, bilingual and still a dominant figure of the Personnel Support Branch.

My recommendation for involvement from Senior PERI’s include, but may not be limited to the following :

Chief Warrant Officer(ret) Bart Fuerwentges

Chief Warrant Officer(ret) Gary Plant

Chief Warrant Officer(ret) Ed Dupuis

Master Warrant Officer(ret) Dale Dirks

Master Warrant Officer(ret) Norm Graff

Master Warrant Officer(ret) Annie Morrison

Master Warrant Officer … bilingual Francophone to be appointed by current DND/CF

My recommendation for representation of both female and bilingual former PERO’s or Senior PERI’s include, but may not be limited to the following :

Major(ret) Léopold Roberge

Lieutenant-Commander(ret) Joane Thibault

Major(ret) Chris Ouimet

Major(ret) Michelle Lesieur

Captain(ret) Ken MacDonald

Captain(ret) Winson Morrison (two Masters Degrees)

Captain Louise Maziarski (still a serving Officer)

Captain(ret) Carla Ryan

Master Warrant Officer (ret) Dot Theoret

Master Warrant Officer(ret) Claire Plante

My recommendation for « honest brokers » include, but may not be limited to the following :

Chief Warrant Officer(ret) Jim Hickson

Chief Petty Officer, First Class (ret) Norma Dickson

Two current CWO or CPO1, bilingual, one man, and woman, appointed in office

Third and not least, but most importantly… please, read Annex A, and imagine having to be the TOP LEADER of the Canadian Forces Doctrine, in ALL dimensions of both SPIRIT and SOUL, and having to entrust such MORAL responsibility to some civilians who do not have the first idea of what either FIELD OPERATIONS are like, not any MILITARY TRAINING, nor the AUTHORITY to get « killed for our Country or Allies » under the National Defence Act. It would require a pretty vivid imagination, but not close enough to replace MILITARIZED  sailors, soldiers and airmen and airwomen !!!

As early as 1982, when I was BPERO CFB Shilo, it was 3RCHA’s turn to serve their six months in Cypruss/Chypre. I not only suggested that one of the Master Corporal PERI under my Command, served 3RCHA in Cypruss/Chypre, but I would not have taken NO as an answer. It started the ball ! PERI’s should receive SPECIALIST PAY, so should qualified PERO’s who have become HIGHLY EDUCATED, with most of the 1970 vintage holding Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, and one Ph.D., Doctor and Major(retired) Wayne S. Lee. The entire STRUCTURE of the PE&R Branch must be revisited with NEW EYES. Marcel Proust has written :

« The real voyage of discovery, consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having NEW EYES. »

Personnally, I had been trying to COMMUNICATE with either CDS or Minister’s Office, since reference A, and as the three main ACTION addressees may recall, I have very recently submitted not only a Statutory Declaration, with many reasons to lodge formal complaints and some leading to potential legal issues, but also a total of 1,467 pages, in both references H and I, from June to November 2005, under the previous Liberal leadership. Considering that I only mailed reference G on 18 July, and reference H on 21 July, receiving a first response dated 28 July, acknowledging having received both documents, is INDEED a fantastic improvement over the previous « administration », not being able to use the word « leadership », otherwise. KUDOS to all concerned in this new Chain of Command ! The People of Canada are delighted !!!

From my retired privileged platform, not only as the first « Lady Jockstrapper » to be accepted in both Field Operations with the Army, then the Navy, and one of only two women (Lieutenant-Commader Joane Thibault as our Senior Woman PERO) to have served as a Senior Officer in the 53A MOC, hence, one of 15 Senior Officers by 1997, and bilingual, and now disabled, I represent several minorities, and should you chose NOT to select me, nor, even worse, none of my written recommendations, then I might change my mind on my current impression (in draft, subject to be amended), that the expression : « New Broom Sweeps Clean » finally applies since January 2006 !

This morning, I read this eloquent inspiring thought, by Giacomo Leopardi :

« La patience est la plus héroïque des vertus, précisément parce qu’elle n’a pas la moindre apparence de l’héroïsme »

« Patience is the most heroic of all virtues, precisely because it(she, a feminine or SOUL attribute) does not have any resemblance with heroism. »

Therefore, those of us who have been PATIENTLY waiting for a new AWAKENING of the SPIRIT from current « powers-to-be », will continue waiting, PATIENTLY, with baited breath, for positive feedback and future changes.

Yours truly and Bien sincèrement : MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO and PRO PATRIA

Major(ret) Michelle Lesieur, CD1




Recognizing the unique role of the military, the purpose of the Physical Education and Recreation Branch in the Canadian Forces is to ensure that the physical education needs of the military, and the recreational needs of the total Military Community (DND civilian employees and dependants of both CF/DND) are efficiently and effectively met.

The Physical Education and Recreation Branch consists of selected, highly motivated and specially trained personnel, established to provide the LEADERSHIP, training and education necessary to meet the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, SOCIAL… and CULTURO-LINGUISTIC needs for the well-being of the contemporary lifestyles in the Military Community.




Reconnaissant le rôle unique que tiennent les militaires, le Service d’Éducation Physique et des Loisirs des Forces Canadiennes a pour MISSION de mettre tout en place pour satisfaire les besoins des militaires dans le domaine de l’éducation physique, et pour récréer l’ensemble da la Communauté Militaire (employés civils du Ministère et les personnes à charge des militaires et des civils).

Le Service d’Éducation Physique et des Loisirs dispose d’un personnel choisi, hautement motivé et très entraîné, formé spécialement pour leur LEADERSHIP dans les dimensions PHYSIQUE, MENTALE, AFFECTIVE, SPIRITUELLE, SOCIALE… et CULTURO-LINGUISTIQUE, afin de veiller et d’assurer les besoins pour le bien–être collectif de l’ensemble de la Communauté Militaire.





Étude de la langue française.

  1. Le major-général commandant tient à rappeler aux officiers et au personnel du Corps permanent ou du Cadre d’instruction, ainsi qu’à tous ceux qui dorénavant aspirent à des postes de commandement ou autres postes au sein de l’état-major supérieur, qu ‘unepartie importante des Forces militaires du Dominion est constituée de régiments canadiens- français. Le major-général est d’avis qu’il est essentiel que tous les officiers qui détiennent des postes de responsabilité au sein de l’état-major, ou qui y aspirent, doivent être en mesure de communiquer leurs instructions aux troupes canadiennes-françaises dans la langue de celles-ci. Tous les officiers d’état-major, du Corps permanent et du Cadre d’instruction (y compris les sous-officiers) devraient plus particulièrement acquérir une connaissance autant pratique que théorique de la langue française et le major-général recommande à tous ceux qui ne peuvent ni lire ni parler français avec une certaine aisance de corriger cette lacune dans les plus courts délais.

             Rappel effectué par : le Directeur général – Langues officielles, le mardi 14 février 1989





HEAD-QUARTERS, OTTAWA Tuesday, 14th February.

Study of the French Language.

  1. The Major General Commanding desires to remind the Officers and Staff of the Permanent Instructional Corps, and all others who aspire to high command in the future, or to positions of responsibility upon the General Staff, that a considerable portion of the Dominion consist of French Canadian Regiments. It is, in the Major General’s opinion, essential that all Officers who now hold, or aspire to hold in the future, responsible positions on the Staff, should be able to convey their instructions to the French-Canadian troops, in their own language. All Officers of the Staff, of the Permanent Corps, and of the Instructional Staff (including Non-Com. Officers) should more especially acquire a practical as well as a theoritical knowledge of the French language, and the Major General suggests that all those who are unable to read or speak French with fair facility should take an opportunity of making good this defect.
By order,

M. AYLMER, Colonel

Adjudant General


            Reminder issued by : Director General Official Languages on Tuesday February 14, 1989

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


L'Honorable Marc Lemay

Député Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Bureau 324

Édifice de la Confédération

Chambres des Communes

Ottawa (Ontario)

K1A 0A6

4 August 2006

Monsieur le Député,

Attached, you will find documents forwarded yesterday to the Minister of National Defence, the Chief-of-Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces and the Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer, as a plea in favor of bringing back the Physical Education and Recreation Branch (PE&R) as a military branch.  Please note than since most of my correspondents are not bilingual, I have  selected to write the enclosed documents in English, to make them accessible to a wider readership.

The PE&R Branch had been replaced by civilian contractual workers in 1997, and those of us who have served with the CF under the PE&R Flag pooled some of our own thoughts on the subject, and submitted the attached correspondence to the attention of the authorities who could transform such proposals into a Strategic Action Plan.

I have taken the liberty of enclosing the written submissions from Master Warrant Officer Dale Dirks, and Major Art Barbeau, both retired as well, and although Major Art Barbeau passed away last month, I still feel strongly about such Proposal, and would sollicit your support in any event that it could be discussed in any political forum you might be invited to participate.

Yours truly as one of your constituents,

Major(retired) MF Michelle Lesieur, CD1

172 Avenue Gouin

Amos, Qc

J9T 1S1

Attachments: (For the purpose of this Periscope document the attachments are shown above)

My submission dated 03 August 2006, 3 MSWord documents

Reference B of my document dated 02 August 2006 from MWO(ret) Dale Dirks

Reference C of my document dated 01 July 2006 from Major(ret) Art Barbeau ( Art Barbeau's letter to the MND regarding the re-establishment of the Branch. )