Tuesday, September 19, 2006 12:30 PM

To: bddirks@shaw.ca

Subject: RE: Physical Education and Recreation Branch Re-Birth

Dear Master Warrant Officer Dirks:

Thank you for your e-mail of 2 August 2006 recommending that the Canadian Forces re-establish the former Physical Education and Recreation Branch.

As a result of insensitive and irresponsible decisions by the previous Liberal Government to downsize and restructure the Canadian Armed Forces in the 1990’s, without any regard to health and fitness of the members of the Armed Forces, as you have mentioned, the Branch and the associated trade and officer classification were disbanded in 1997.

While I understand that the 1997 decision was difficult for the dedicated members of the Physical Education and Recreation Branch, many transferred to other Canadian Forces occupations where they continued to provide a valuable contribution, and others moved to CFPSA to lead the very successful transition.

Once again, thank you for writing and for your interest in the Canadian Forces. Please be assured that the men and women of the Canadian Forces are receiving quality fitness programs and services just as they did in the past. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your years of service in defence of Canada.



The Honourable Gordon J. O’Connor, PC, MP

Minister of National Defence