Veteran's License Plate Information

Veteran's License PlateIn the spring of 2003, the President of the New Brunswick Command of the Royal Canadian Legion asked the Premier to have a special licence plate struck to recognize and honour the contribution of veterans to the country and the province.

The Department of Public Safety has been working with the Legion to develop a design and plan for the implementation of the special plate.

The Legion and the Department of Public Safety agreed that the poppy would be the best symbol to include on the veteran's licence plate. However, a copyrighted image belongs to the Royal Canadian Legion. The New Brunswick Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, therefore, requested permission from the National Command and recently received permission for New Brunswick to use the symbol on the veteran's plate.

The veteran's plate will be available to veterans by November 1, 2003.



Veteran Vehicle Registration Plate Application (pdf)Veteran's Plate


Information Sheet (pdf)