Sandy Adkin

from Scott Fuller

I worked for Sandy at CFSPER in Training Standards putting together all the CTS, CTPs, PO's EO's and TP's...I did all the printing requisitions and the assembly of them all in the new CFSPER training standards library.   I also worked for Sandy teaching on two CFSPER Arts and Crafts Specialty Courses and also under his tutorial in woodworking shop safety. I cartooned him when he retired from CFSPER, where he went to live in Penetangeusene.  I later saw him at a Home and Garden Show in Barrie, where he was demonstrating wood working power tools for a tool company (BLACK AND DECKER???) as a marketing and sales rep. I saw Sandy once again in Penetang when I was doing a diving salvage job, retrieving harbour concrete benches from the bottom of the harbour....the harbour folks had NOT chained them in place and teenagers, drinking at harbours edge at night used to just push them into the harbour. Sandy had obtained my salvage services for the City of Penetang by providing them with my telephone number.