The following are some of the initial responses and comments received after the inaugural publication of the PERISCOPE WEBSITE, 28 November 2004:

Wow, this site is great!”- Grant Lamothe

"Thank you for keeping the torch alive" - Doug Fitzgerald

“Keep up the good work!”- Jock & Jean McCabe

“BRAVO ZULU on a much appreciated site!”- Ian Whitecross

“Thanks, great site!”- Vic Trnavskis

“One helluva fine job!”- Cliff Ruttan

“Congrats to you et all for a superb job!”- Bill Carbonell

“Thank you very much for the great work!”- Rocky Gauthier

“A job well done!”- Don Knowles

“Thank you very much for everything done!”- Dave Ogilvie

“Thumbs up to you!”- George Fraser

“The new website is super!” – Reg Bonnar

“The site is fantastic, informative and the locator list is an added bonus!”- John Whittle

“Excellent web page, a lot of great information!”- Mike Robillard

“The site looks great!”- Randy Helgason

“Congratulations to all involved. Outstanding!”- Bill Oliver

“Good website, good effort all around!” - Dave Molloy

“I think the website is super!” – Gerry Vowles

“It’s an excellent site!”- Stan Wegner (Base Engineers)

"Outstanding job! Great to see those old trade badges displayed." - Mike Hackbart

" You guys are the greatest."- Leo Boudreau

" Amazing website!!! " - Mark Larose

" I congratulate you guys on a great job."- Jimmy McQueen

"Congratulations on job WELL DONE"- Max McClelland

"I am so happy with the new web site!!!"- Tim Murphy

"Thanks for all that you have done to keep the "Branch" in touch"- Beryl & Harry Kerrison