Victoria PTI/PERI/PERO Meet and Greet Dinner

From Al Ettinger

On 12 May 2005 a PTI/PERI/PERO Dinner was held in Victoria at the Samuel’s Restaurant 655 Douglas St.  Cocktails started at 6 pm and dinner at 7 pm.

It was only appropriate it was held on Douglas Street since Marjorie and George Douglas organized the event.  On arrival pictures were taken of each couple or individual and a stand up meet and greet was a delight.  The meeting of old comrades, work mates, bosses and, or staff members and their wives brought back memories and stories not all of which can be repeated and many exaggerated beyond recognition.

Personally it was a reuniting of old friendships back as far as the 60’s and for some back into the 50’s and maybe earlier although none looked that old.  All but three who attended were ex Navy but the Army and Air Force guys did not feel left out.

It was agreed that this event would be held annually in May on a date to be confirmed, but likely to be on Saturday to allow those from afar to attend.

The company was great and the food and atmosphere matched the occasion to a tee.

In attendance were Shannon and Jean Boivin, Anita and Len Bjola, Sue and Ron Coell, Jo and Mike Creedon, Al Day, Marjorie and George Douglas, Al Ettinger, Joan and Larry Grieg, Ellen and Gerald Halikowski, Lloyd Henderson, Lorna and Ken Pollock, Arlene and Jerry Porter, Brigette and William Sears, Marilyn Simmons, Nancy and Buz Verner, Gerry Vowles and Linda and Jack Woolford.

Please forgive me if I misspelled names or omitted any one.

PTI DINNER 12 May 2005


Top to Bottom    

Gerald and Helen Halikowski 

Ken and Lorna Pollock

Jerry and Arlene Porter 



    Top to Bottom  

Larry Henderson

Larry and Joan Greig

Gerry Vowles



Top to Bottom 

George and Marjorie Douglas

Mike and Jo Creedon 

Jean and Shannon Boivin




Top to Bottom        

Jack and Lucille Woolford 

Buz and Nancy Verner

The Douglases


Top to Bottom

Al Ettinger   

Len and Anita Bjola    

Ron and Sue Coell   



Top to Bottom

Bill and Brigitte Sears

Al Day                                           Marilyn Simmons