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Prior to World War 11, Physical and Recreational Training (P and RT) in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) was modeled on the British Royal Navy (RN) programs P & RT Instructors (P&RTIs) obtained training at the RN P&RT School in England until 1940 when the RCN established its own P&RT School at Halifax.  Some of the officers who qualified at the RN P&RT School were: C MacDonald; Briggs; J Arnott; W. Smith; C Sweet; R Dewhirst; R Mylrea; C. Cockrill and W. Peakman.


The RCN had no physical education or equivalent corps or branch.  Selected officers of the Executive Branch, after having qualified on a P&RT course with the RN, served a fixed tour on P&RT duties and then returned to their ship/unit for normal sea/shore employment. In the case of other ranks (Naval Ratings) the RN concept of 1st and 2nd class P&RTIs was followed until 1949 when the RCN adopted the trade grouping system. At this time the P&RT trade was established at the Trade Groups 1 and 2 levels (TG 1 and TG 2). All 2nd class P&RTIs were assigned to TG1 and all 1st class P&RTIs were assigned to TG2 rating.

Entry into RCN P&RT trade occurred through the remuster process. Prior to remuster, the candidates had to qualify for their Leading Seaman rating and successfully complete the TG 2 P&RT Qualifier Course. The trade was upgraded to TG 3 level in 1951 and finally in 1956 the TG 4 level was approved. Rank was not tied to trade qualification, however the TG level was included in the short rank title designation as the following examples show:

  • C1PT4 identified a Chief Petty Officer 1st class as a TG 4 P&RTI;
  • P2PT3 identified a Petty Officer 2nd Class as a TG 3 P&RTI; and


  • LSPT3 identified a Leading Seaman as a TG 3 P&RTI.


The program for recruits involved a progressive series of 12 sets of exercises known as PT Tables based on the Swedish system and employed calisthenics as well as exercises on basic apparatus. Each table was of 45 minutes duration. The exercises were designed to develop agility, speed, balance and strength with a great deal of emphasis on rope climbing. Trained sailors participated in Daily Exercises (DEs), a modified form of the PT Tables, designed for use where little space and time was available on board ship. The program was heavily supplemented by inter-divisional games and sports competitions.


The School was founded in September 1940 and closed in 1967. It was originally located in the Dockyard Gymnasium in what was then known as HMCS Cornwallis. The first Officer-In-charge was CMD Bos’n C MacDonald. The first qualifying class consisted of AB “Scoop” Blades, LS J Rowland, LS P Rochette, LS A Wardell, LS Stevens and LS McKeever.

In September 1942 it moved to the Drill Shed in HMCS Stadacona and in March 1943 the School moved to Deep Brook NS as part of the newly established HMCS Cornwallis. Until the new gym was completed the School was housed in Jupiter Block, Bldg 34-10. Three RN P&RTI’s, CPO Evans, PO Olford and PO Morgan were loaned to the new School. CPO Evans was later drafted to HMCS Stadacona for duty with the Shore Patrol and subsequently transferred to the RCN.

Click for a photo of the P&RT Staff HMCS Stadacona 1945  

The move to the new gym occurred in July 1944 and was combined with a special Assault-at Arms event to commemorate the occasion.  The staff was increased to 12  and was headed by Cdr Redmond, on  loan from the RN.  CMD Officer MacDonald  was promoted to Lt and CPO Bob Dewhirst joined the School Staff  as the Chief Instructor. Except for the three swimming pools, which remained in use until the Base closed, the building was destroyed by fire in 1945.  From various sources of information it appears that the School moved  back to HMCS Stadacona in September 1945;  however the first post-war class (35th P&RT Qualifier) did  not start until November 1946.

Click for a photo of HMCS Cornwallis P&RT Staff 1944;              New Entry P&RT Staff Cornwallis 1944       Cornwallis P&RT Bldg 1944 & 1967



The final move of the School was made in January 1953 when it returned to HMCS Cornwallis. It was intended to be a temporary move, but the location proved to be  suitable and  the School remained in HMCS Cornwallis until July 1967, when the staff moved to  CFB Borden to become  part of the newly  created  Canadian Forces School of Physical Education and Recreation (CFSPER). 


During its 27 years of operation the School conducted the following types of courses:

  • P&RT Officers Qualifiers: Some of the officers who qualified at the RN P&RT School were: C MacDonald; Briggs; J Arnott; W. Smith; C Sweet; 
    R Dewhirst; R Mylrea; C. Cockrill and W. Peakman. 


1st Officer's long P&RT Course  1942. Lt AW Park  RCNVR; Lt Ft Cook  RCNVR; SLt RH Perowe; and SLt JD McCormick


2nd Officer's long P&RT Course 1942. All RCNVR. Lt JP White; Lt RM Greene; Lt JP Dean; Lt GG Thomas; and Lt HR Pierce


3rd Officer's long P&RT Course 1942. All RCNVR. Lt JN Agnew; and Lt S   MacKnees.


4th Officer's long P&RT Course  1944. All RCNVR. Lt R Rathie; Lt J Edwards; Lt A Monahan; Lt S Abbott; and Lt H Stevens


The following officers took a 20 week post World War 2 course at the RN P&RT School: LTs R Greene; F Pettit;H Taylor; R Carlyle; H Addison; D Atkinson; R Savage; S Shakell; R White; R Coell; M Wilson; J Gautheir; W Robinson; J Mahar; and B Kidd.



  • 1st Class P&RT Qualifiers:   (* indicates top man in class)


1st Quals 18 Oct – 22 Dec 1940AB L Blades;* LS J Rowland; LS P Rochette; LS A Wardell; and LS McKeever

2nd Quals 17 Feb – 01 Apr 1941.  OS H Bradley;*LS R Young; AB S Johnston; AB A Chartrand; OS E Battaglia; OS J Broriman; AB J Simpson; AB R Parkes; and AB W Comeau.

3rd Quals 12 May - 12 Jul 1941. LS N Barton;* OS R Greene; STO J Smith; OS J Dean; OS S Dick; AB Pettit; AB McGregor;

LS C Fleming; AB Parks; and AB Varley NADEN Qualifier-1941  G Grayson;* H Sweet; L Newelll; and M McKeever

4th Quals 26 Aug  - 21 Oct 1941. OS H Bee;* AB T Hebditch; A/PO H Hancock; AB W Gardner; AB F Ferguson; AB FW Potts; AB A Craig;

AB W Hannon; AB D MacIntyre; A/LS J Sinnock; and AB F Burrows

5th Quals 20 Oct  - 20 Dec 1941. AB L O’Brien;* AB W Ludolph; LS D MacIntrye; AB J Altman; AB A Bullock; A/LS S Johnson; AB C Dallas; and AB R Bonhomme. At NADEN -1941. G Grayson; H Sweet; L Newell; and ? McKeever

6th Quals 23 Mar –16 May 1942. LS S Burton;* AB Dallas; AB R Sallis; AB R Anger; AB M Cockburn; AB W Henderson; AB R Wigmore; &

AB A Charles

7th Quals   20 June –15 Aug 1942. A/PO Parks*; A/LS RHarris;AB R Sallis;AB R Bonhomme; STO R Young; LS D Taylor; ABA Watts and AB B Bergeron

8th Quals 30 Sept – 5 Dec 1942. STO A Bourque; LS CR Manderson; AB D Seaman; AB WA Watt; AB G Jackson; and AB HM

9th Quals  14 Dec – 13 Feb 1943. AB F Jones;* LS V Baldwin; AB S Woodward; OS W Coull; LS I Barron; LS B O’Connor; PO A Coe;

AB A Trepanier; LS B Gibson; and AB J McPherson

10th Quals 22 Feb – 15 Apr 1943. AB H Hine;* AB P Magnon; LS A Charles; AB A Hepworth; AB G Harris;LS R Phillips; LS A Goldfish;

OS A Kerr; AB J Elvish;

11th Quals  19 Apr – 12 Jun  1943. OS G Bader;* AB C Bradbury; LS G Courville; LS A McLean; OS J McKenzie; AB G Carpenter;

AB A Passmore; AB R White; and LS F Connors

12th Quals (Cornwallis) 14 Jun– 11 Aug 1943. “A” Class: OS R Goldham;* CK R Bachert; OS E Baker; OS E Kraycir; OS R Goldby;

OS C Armitage; AB L Gauthier; and AB E Grusie. “B” Class: OS T Burt;* AB G Davies; OS D Dawson; LS F Wilson; OS J Milovanov;

STWD N Melnick; and OS H Greenshields     

13th Quals 16 Jun - 9 Oct 1943. “A” Class: AB F Johnson;* OS R Rutherglen; OS T Kennedy; A/LS W Alger; A/LS E Broadley;

OS E Smith; OS P MacDougall; OS R Bailey; AB L Doxtater; and OS J Statham. "B" Class: AB K Vuohelainen; OS G Dawson; OS L Warwick;

A/AB C Millman; OS W Schmidt; STWD N Melnick; and OS A Jenkins

14th Quals  8 Oct – 11 Dec 1943. ”A” Class: OS J Jack; OS J Herwynen; OS E Smith; OS A Polowy; AB F Ollson; OS J Johns; OS A Gilmet;

OS R Grimes; and OS S Preston. “B” Class:A/LS E Broadley; LS H Emmins; AB G Dobbin; AB H Johmson; OS V Polzen; OS B Harame; OS EA;

OS F Alliston; and AB B Manet

15th Quals  20 Dec -  19 Feb 1944. AB F Ollson;* OS R Grimes; OS A Gilmet; A/AB L NcDonald; OS T Mroczkowski; AB B Menet;

OS JR Johns; OS D Brewer; AB J Dubrofsky; and STO R Suddick.

16th Quals  8 Feb -  22 Apr 1944. A/AB J Wedley; OS E Larsen; OS F Schick; OS K Evans; OS S Chomyszyn; OS E Tombs; A/AB D Whalen; and OS H Thompson.

17th Quals 4 Apr – 17 June 1944. STO L Cockburn;* A/AB D Whalen; AB WM Orban; A/LS D Ellerbeck; OS D McLeod; A/AB T Park;

OS L Perret; OS S Maradyn; PO T Park; A/AB D Read;  and AB B Ough

18th Quals   19 Jun– 12 Aug 1944OS F Gilbert;* A/AB T Park; OS J Archambeault; OS M Demchuk; AB G Hemming; OS J Klukay;

OS J Chalmers; OS W Allum; OS E Babuik; AB R Turner; AB E Nower; and AB B Ough

19th Quals  4 Sep – 25 Nov 1944.  A/AB D Read;* AB C Strain; OS J Shatkowsky; OS R Beattie; OS D Horeck; AB J Glasgow;

OS R Duggan; and AB J Gustafson

20th Quals  18 Oct – 9 Dec 1944.    A/AB R Bailey;* OS E Sclisizzi; OS J Humphreys; OS E Semmer; OS J O’Gryzlo; and STO H Leafloor

21st Quals  27 Nov 1944- 24 Feb 1945.   OS J Moquin;*  TEL J Day;  AB G Wright; OS H Ryan; OS H Pye;  OS C Walker; OS H Barnes; 

OS F Stephenson; AB N Seely; AB S Temesy; and AB G Armitage.

22nd Quals  22 Jan -13 Apr 1945. AB W Heslop;* AB D Ireland; AB J Gustafson; AB L Meek; AB R Robinson; OS G Kroiter; AB H Greenshields;

AB D McLean; and AB L Gauthier.

23rd Quals  26 Mar – 16 Jun 1945.  OS D Powrie; *OS J Brodie; OS J King; A/AB D Langevin; OS D Mattingley; A/AB F Hawthorne; OS D Beal; and STWD P Lafave

24th Quals   7 May -  23 Aug 1945.  A/AB M Grapko;* A/AB E Kryzanowski; A/AB J Stratham; LS J McKenzie; OS J Grey; and A/AB J Jackson

25th Quals   4 Nov – 8 Feb 1947. LS T Mottershead;* LS J Searle; PO M Lumley; PO W Sullivan; LS F Lepage; and LS A McLean

26th Quals   17 Feb – 10 May 1947. LS J Carisse;* A/LS E Fraser; PO J Hermiston; and PO R Whatman

27th Quals   3 Nov – 6 Feb 1948. LS E Fraser;* LS G Halikowski; AB  A Aylward; LS F Lepage; and LS W Rheubottom.

28th Quals   3 May - 24 July 1948.  CPO Waldron;* CPO C Bryan; PO R Haspeck;  and A/LS  V Dougherty

29th Quals  4 Oct – 15 Jan 1949.  LS W Rheubottom; PO J Stoddart; and AB J Hogan

30th Quals   17 Jan – 13 May 1949.  P1 G Kinch;*P2 R Bolt; P2 R Dawson; P2 W Donison; AB Rushton; P2 J Quinn; AB W Strenstrud;

AB A Longhurst; P2 R Padget; P2 V Dougherty; and LS A Pike.

31st Quals  11 Jul– 31 Oct 1949. P2 A Trepanier;*  AB J Jack;*  P2 M Padget; P2 G Irwin; LS R Evans; AB K Pollock; OS D Lawson; and

AB D McElroy

32rd Quals  16 Jan – 5 May 1950. P2 D Barwis;* AB J Leblanc; AB B Hughes; AB P Mills; P2 J Tobias; AB F Eggleton; LS W Merriman; and

P1 JW Fall

33rd Qual 28 Aug -  15 Dec 1950. AB R Curtiss;* AB R Carroll; AB R Leclerc; AB J Savoy; AB Y Inouye; and AB R Hayter

34th Quals  1951?     P1 R Manderson;* AB Duerksen; AB Savoy; AB Bennett; and AB Fisher

35th Quals 1952 ?     AB J Carruthers;* AB P Potvin; LS W Rowan; LS C Duncan; LS L Moro; and AB R Carriere

36th Quals 18 Aug – 23 Jan 1953.  AB E McLeod;* OS H Sproule; AB D Harrison; and AB R Poupart

NADEN Qualifiers

1953.  AB B Verner;* AB L Henderson;AB O Duffy;AB W Bendall; and LS A McLean

1956. M McClelland;* G Vowles; G Douglas; and T Sloan

1962. K Maxwell;* G Porter; M Creedon; M Woolford; and R Bootland

1963. G Blondin;* H Wilnechenko; J Noble; and W Powell




  • 2nd Class P&RT Qualifiers (Cornwallis); 


#1 PR2 Course 6 Feb-8May 1953. AB W Firman * LC W McIvor; AB W Melnechuk; AB Carriere; AB E Robert; AB J Beech; LS N Standley; and

LS K Jones

#2 PR2 Course 27 Aug- 17-Dec 1953. LS McIvor; *AB T McAualy; AB K Batchelor; AB J Phillips; and AB R Spears

#3 PR2 Course 22 Jan-28 May 1954. AB N Nichols;* AB N Anderson; AB J Bell; AB G Angrignon; AB Y McGuire; and AB W Beck

#4 PR2 Course  16 Aug-16 Dec 1954. LS R Shanks; * LS R Leclerc; AB B McGuigan; AB B Robertson; AB D Scopie; and AB M King

#5PR2 Course 9 Jan-21 May 1955. AB J Perron' * AB J Brousseau; LS A Mackay; AB H Caissie; AB G Hernden; AB L Bertrand; and

AB J Mullan

#6 PR2 Course 15 Aug -16 Dec 1955. AB Barber;* OS W Redden; AB M Heddon; AB C Proulx; LS R McCormick; AB E Pala; LS J Gill; and

AB K Whitney

#7 PR2 Course 14 Jan-17 May 1957. AB A Stead;* AB T Walton; AB R Allen; AB G Hanko; AB B McGuigan; LS K Deck; and AB N Claproo

#8 PR2 Course  9 Jan-4 May 1958. AB W Dolhun; OS J Noble; AB J Redden; AB R King; AB P Gariel; AB N Claprood; LS J Kemp; AB G Bartlett

LS D McDougall; AB W Owen; and AB D Stuart

#9 PR2 Course 12Feb-6 June 1959. LS N Leblanc; * AB J McLeod; LS D Scopie; AB S Stephenson; and LS E Thompson

#10 PR2 Course 29 June-9 Aug 1962. AB W Burke; * AB C Wurzer; AB R Jefferson; AB T Burns; and AB E Smith

#11 PR2 Course19 Aug-20 Dec 1963. OS B Delagorgendiere; * AB R Bist; AB H Cook; LS N Gray; AB G Warner; and AB W Noseworthy

#12 PR2 Course  17 Aug-18 Dec 1964. LAC R Diano; * AB J Milne; AB R Bureau; AB L Boucher; AB K Hutton; AB D Todd; and LAC J Lavieuer

#13 PR2 Course 16 Aug-17 Dec 1965. AB W Noseworthy; * AB B Storrier; AB W Blanche; AB J Davies; AB W Burge; AB R McMillan

AB A Burns; AB R Ferguson; AB R Olfert; AB N Morrison; AB W Hamilton; and AB E Minor

#14 PR2 Course 15 Aug-16Dec 1966. LS J Roy;* LS R Morrison; LS W Wunch; AB D McLaughlin; AB C Pompana; AB D Honsinger; AB B Post; and AB B Campbell

#15 PR2 Course (Level V (New CF Syllabus) 3 Feb-9 June 1967. LS C Caldwell;* AB A Adams; AB K McGrath; AB N Proulx; LS C Leblanc; and

LS F Lipskey   Final PT Quals in RCN PT  School



  • Physical Trainer - Gp 3


1st PT3 Course 14 Aug- 15 Dec 1953. D Barwis;* R Evans; B Hughes; C Manderson; and M Padget

2nd PT3 Course 14 Aug-15 Dec 1954. P1 R Bolt;* P1 R Evans; P1 J Tobias; P1 R Dawson; P1 J Jack; P1 E Fraser; P2 K Pollock; P2 G Rushton

P1 G Irwin; and P2 A Pike

3rd PT3 Course 9 Jan-4 May 1956. P2 F Cox;* LS J Sproule; LS R Carroll; LS E Roberet; and P2 P Potvin

4th PT3 Course 2 Jul-16 Nov 1956. P2 A Pike;* P1 I Barron; LS J Carruthers; P2 S McIvor; LS G Angrignon; P2 E Mc Leod; P2 W Melnuchuk

and LS J Perron

5th PT3 Course 20 Jan-23 May 1958. P2 R Shanks;* LS T McAulay; P2 D Harrison; P1 L More; and LS R Carrierre

6th PT3 Course 26 Jan-19 Jun 1959. LS K Batchelor;* P2 B Verner; LS E Pala; P2 J Gill; P2 W Beck; P1 J Leblanc; P2 R Leclerc;P2 K Jones

 P2 C Duncan; LS J Phillips; P2 W Rowan; and P2 A MacKay

7th PT3 Course 19 May-20 Sep 1961. P2 F Eggleton;* P2 A Simmons; P2 J McClelland; and P2 L Bjola

8th PT3 Course 14 Jan-17 May 1963. LS T Walton;*  LS T Sloan; P2 G Vowles; and LS R King

9th PT3 Course   18 Jan-21 May 1965. LS G Douglas;* LS W Redden; and LS R King

10th PT3 Course 16 Aug-17 Dec 1965. LS K Maxwell;* LS R Bootland; LS M Hedden; LS J Woolford; LS W Dolhun; LS M Creedon; LS R Leblanc

LS B McGuigan; LS E Thompson; and LS B Scopie

11th PT3 Course 16 Jan-17 Jun 1966. LS W Burke;* LS R Gray; AB H Cook; AB H Bist; AB G Warner; and LS R Jefferson

12th PT3 Course 1st PL VI Course.6 Feb-13 Apr 1967. LS J Noble;* LS H Wilnechenko; LS K Hutton; LS J Milne; LS W Burge; LS R Bureau

LS L Boucher; and LS G Porter



  • Trade Group 4 P&RT Course    Trade Group 4 came into existence in 1955 with six senior !st Class Instructors taking a special six-week course to start this trade grouping qualification. It consisted of a short course at Queen's University plus a tour of Cornwallis and Stadacona.  Following an initial course, a syllabus was developed with the assistance of members of the first TG4 course. The length of the course was established at 20 weeks.


Special set-up course. 15 Aug-25 Sep 1955. F Potts; H Hancock; J Waldron; T Mottershead; J Rowland; and A Chartren.

1st PT4 Course Jul - Oct 1955. P1 J Searle;* C2 A Coe; C2 A Pitt; C2 J Stoddart; and C1 C Bryan

2nd PT4 Course 30 Jul-14 Dec 1956. C2 J Carisse;* P1 A Aylward; C2 A Trepanier; C2 R Ellison; and C2 G Kinch (RTU)

3rd PT4 Course 4 Nov-28 Feb 1958. C2 E Fraser;* P1 W Rheubottom; and C2 R Manderson; C2 L O'Brien (RTU)

4th PT4 Course 10 Aug-21 Dec 1958. C2 R Evans;* C2 D Barwis; P1 R Padget; and P1 R Irwin

5th PT4 Course 04 Aug-18 Dec 1959. C2 Mottershead;* P1 G Rushton; P1 J Jack; P1 B Hughes; and P1 R Bolt

6th PT4 Course 08 Jul-24 Nov 1961. SSgt K MacDonald;*  P1 B Verner; SSgt G Kasanda; P1 P Potvin; P1 S McIvor; and P2 K Pollock

7th PT4 Course 05 Aug-21Dec 1963. P2 J Perron;* P1 E McLeod; P2 W Melnuchuk; and P1 L Moro

8th PT4 Course 18 Jan -04 Jul 1965. P1 R Shanks;* P1 J Gill; P1 W Rowan; and  P1 K Jones

9th PT4 Course  02Aug-17 Dec 1965. P2 J McClelland;* P1 D Harrison; P1 F Eggleton; P2 E Pala; P2 A Sinnons; and P2 R Carroll

10th and Final PT4 Course  02 Aug-09 Dec 1966. P2 G Angrignon;* P2 A Mckay; P2 R leclerc; P2 K batchelor; and P1 E Robert




  • P&RT for Wrens


1st Wren's PT Course  20Mar-16 Oct 1959    E Kerr;*  S Stratton; B Bateman; F McKenzie; N Chomicki; and R Heisler

2nd Wren's PT Course (Tri-Service)  22 Sep 16 Oct 1959    LAW P Key;* LAW P Post; LAW M Germaine; LAW Y Bukator; Cpl M Dupree; WA C Gareau; WA G Leckie; WA M Lenz; WA M Moir; and  Pte P Milne  


  • P&RT for Sea Cadets Cornwallis 1956





During its existence, the School was commanded by the following officers:


1940-43    Lt C MacDonald (Dockyard & Stadacona);   


1943-45    Cdr (RN) R Redman (Cornwallis);

1945-46    A/CMD Bos’n R Dewhirst (Cornwallis) and

A/CMD Bos’n J Arnott (Stadacona);


1946-49    A/LCDR C MacDonald; (Stadacona);

1949-51    LT G Greene (Stadacona);


1951-53    LCDR M Pettit (Stadacona);

1953-55    LCDR H Taylor (Cornwallis);


1955-60    LCDR J Arnott (Cornwallis);


1960-63    LCDR H Addison (Cornwallis);

1966-67    LCDR S Shackell (Cornwallis





Officers employed on P&RT duties were members of the Executive Branch and wore no distinctive accoutrements. Environmental dress for P&RTIs consisted of a white T-shirt with navy blue trim around the neck and sleeves, white shorts or navy blue trousers with a navy blue elastic belt, white socks and white running shoes. A cloth P&RT badge, featuring a navy blue maple leaf above crossed cudgels (as shown below) was worn on the T-shirt.



The RCN P&RTI had to be a very versatile individual, capable of performing seaman’s duties on board ship, maintaining sports equipment, organizing sports programs, officiating, coaching and participating in games and of course conducting PT classes. The primary requirement was the ability to teach others. The RCN P&RTIs were a distinguished group of highly qualified tradesmen. Using their skills and experience gained during the pre-integration period, they made a valuable contribution to the new Physical Education and Recreation Instructor 851 (PERI 851) trade during its formative years. Female members of the RCN (WRENs) had little opportunity to carry on P&RT duties on a full time basis. Many of those who qualified on the two WREN P&RT courses conducted in 1959 went into other fields of work.

A number of RCN PE&R personnel excelled in sports and gained fame at national and international levels, including: In the 1950s, LCdr Charlie MacDonald, after a serious kidney operation took up running and became an outstanding long distance runner in the Maritimes. Also in this period, LCdr Jim Arnott was an expert fencer of national renown. PO Gordie Grayson boxed as a professional heavyweight and PO Ray Shanks won the Canadian Light-Welterweight title; In the 1960s, C2PT4 “Trip” Trepanier officiated at the British Commonwealth Games. He also promoted swimming in NS for many years; LSPT2 Rick Olfort gained prominence as an outstanding decathlon athlete in track and field, LS Des Derosiers, who later remustered to the PERI 851 trade was the Canadian Welter and Light Heavyweight boxing champion and was inducted into the CF Sports Hall Of Fame; and RCAF Rec Spec Eddie Haddad, another CF Sports Hall Of Famer and originally a LS in the RCN, was a member of the 1948 Canadian Olympic Boxing Team. He also represented Canada in the 1950 British Empire Games.


The RCN High Horse Vaulting Team, comprised mostly of P&RTIs, formed the RCN complement of the Tri-Service Display Team whose performance was the highlight of the Grandstand Show during the 1957 CNE in Toronto. A number of these P&RTIs were also members of the CF Tri-Service Display Team that gave more than 100 performances during their cross-country tour as part of Canada’s Centennial Celebrations.

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