By Dave Edmond


All aboard, for the ride

of a lifetime.

The train leaves early

and will deliver you

to Journeys End.


It is not an Express,

more like the milk run.

Stops are frequent

and the chance to dally

is offered.

Transfer tickets allow

for continued travel

on various other lines,

which crisscross

the main line.

Those alternate lines

all have Journeys End

as their final destination.

So if you missed a stop,

you will still arrive at Journeys End.

Along the way,

passengers disembark.

Some are replaced by others

while some retake their seat.

There is always enough room.

And it is between stops

we encounter other folks.

Some like ourselves,

but also those of differing ways.

Schooling out of a classroom.

That is the beauty

of the milk- run train.

We interact with others,

we learn new things,

we impart our knowledge.

The train has been in service

forever, it would seem.

Some of the coaches retain comforts,

while some have hit on hard times,

and the ride can be rough.







Switching lines,

will allow things to even out.

Periods of comfort interspaced

with times of bare bones.

We soon learn how lucky we are.

Most times we leave the station

as part of a family.

But with all these stops,

family members disembark

at their own station of choice.

Sometimes we will re-engage,

sometimes not.

For the lines are there

to allow us choice of stay,

a stop-over, as we go to Journeys End.

While Journeys End

will be our destination,

how we arrive is never guaranteed.

The time of our arrival too,

is never known with certainty.

Most of us would hope to arrive

by entering the tunnel leading to the gate

at a decreasing rate of speed.

But when the wheels come off the train,

an abrupt and early stop ensues.

Ah, we seem to be slowing down.

I think my stop is next.

Thinking back at all my stops

I feel privileged to have met

so many wonderful people.

Friendships formed,

alliances made,

heartfelt moments shared

along the way.

Who could ask for anything more?