This PER Branch Reunion was held at the Ledgeview Golf Course

ABBOTSFORD BC on 21-23 Sep 2012           

 Ledgeview's Signature Hole, #8  


1.           While our numbers were down considerably from two years ago, Joe and June Laitar, George and Lovelette Borden, Frank Martinello, Jack Roy, Jim and Yvonne Gebhardt, Russ and Judy Pouliot and Al and Paige Gil were all new faces this year. Irene Brough was to attend but had to withdraw for medical reasons. Regulars that also had to withdraw due to other commitments or personal or family medical issues were Dale Dirks, Ken Harvey; Fred Hummerstone; Harry Mayne, Ralph Kernaghan, Lee Roberge, Mike Chatwin, Ken Batchelor, Bill Westfall, Ritchie Hayward, Wish Walters and Drew Schamehorn; all of whom sent their regrets and best wishes to all for a good reunion.

2.          The Registration and Meet and Greet took place at 1630 on Fri 21 Sep at the Ledgeview Golf Club. Prizes were collected and a welcome package and name tags were issued on registration. The Meet and Greet consisted of a no host bar and a fine selection of hot and cold finger food. However, due to a double booking by the club manager we were relegated to and stuffed into a very small area. Because the room was not equipped for electronics, all of our plans for a video clip of the recently deceased members, karaoke and other activities had to be deleted. WE WERE NOT AMUSED!! Jack McBride did a masterful job of keeping the M&G as organized as possible including reading the names of the 30 deceased members that had passed away since our 2010 reunion. Ray Bootland positioned his lap-top at the end of the room for members to view a loop of these members as they appear in the last post section of our web site. A poll was taken after it was suggested that our western reunion revert back to being held every year. It was agreed by a large majority with only 2 dissenters.

3.           A golf tournament using a form of Texas Scramble was played. Once again, we had great weather for the tournament and starter Joe Laitar got the first of the 8 teams off at 1100.  All golfers brought a prize valued at $15-$20. Dale Dirks and Heather Aucoin. donated additional prizes; for which we thank them very much. Because of their thoughtfulness, we had an abundance of prizes. Those who forgot to bring one put $15 in the kitty for expenses.

4.           The hot buffet dinner commenced at 1730 and consisted of steaks (cold and tough), salads, buns, coffee and desserts, but our menu was supposed to consist of either steak, chicken or salmon as previously agreed by Ken with the manager. The food was whisked away so quickly after dinner that two late arrivers were unable to be fed and the staff refused to get them anything in lieu from the kitchen. Once again WE WERE NOT AMUSED with the treatment we received during the entire weekend!!  After a disappointing dinner, the winner of the men’s KP was announced and Tom Walton got the first pick from the prize table. None of the lady golfers could hit the green, so were not eligible for a KP prize. Team score cards were then drawn to determine the order of prize selection. Yvonne MacDonald and Shirley Craig sold draw tickets for a painting donated by Dale Dirks which was won by Gary Pronk. Each person was then given a free ticket and draws were continuously made until all of the many remaining items left on the table were gone. Throughout the week-end Jack McBride vigorously canvassed the members to make a donation to aid our financially strapped website and raised in the neighbourhood of $1,000.

5.           After the disappointing dinner, a professional ventriloquist made us put aside our grumbling by putting on a very entertaining show with audience participation from Jack McBride and Al and Paige Gil. Afterwards Hank Tatarchuk, Jack McBride and Gerry McGarry entertained us with jokes and stories from the past. Bob Beaver then put on his excellent karaoke show with Ron Carlton, Gerry McGarry and Sara Seaboyer participating.

6.           The “no host” farewell breakfast between 0900 and 0930 on Sunday at the Clubhouse was attended by about 24 people.


7.       There were 52 registrants (37 from BC; 9 from AB, 2 from ON and 4 from NS), 47 were at the Meet and Greet; 31 golfed and 49 had dinner. Registrants were: 



Beauchene, Joe **

Beaver, Bob

Bootland, Ray & Marg

Borden, George & Lovelette

Bowie, Tom

Buchanan, Tony & Marion 

Callaghan, Kevin

Carlton, Ron & Shirley Craig 

Dobson, Ed

Gebhardt, Jim & Yvonne

Hurd, Earl

Gil, Al & Paige

Johnston, Chuck & Karen 

Labbe, Ray & Lila

Laitar, Joe & June

MacAulay, Herb & Barb

MacDonald, Ken & Yvonne

Martinello, Frank

McBride, Jack & Marion

McGarry, Gerry & Sarah Seaboyer

Noseworthy, Wayne

Porter, Jerry & Arlene



Price, Dave

Pronk, Gary

Pouliot, Russ and Judy

Roy, Jack

Smith, Jack & Anne

Sullivan, Ed **

Tatarchuk, Hank and Arlene

Vanier, Chris

Vowles, Jerry & Dianne

Waller, Brigitta

Walton, Tom & Jeannie



**  Indicates they left early for medical reasons.



8.     Closest to Pin – Ladies (No one) - Men (Tom Walton)


        Team results        







Opening balance as at Oct 2012




Registration & Donation





$   145.00



Meet & Greet and Dinner




Golf Fees






$   784.00


Stationary and Engraving


$    69.82









12.   It is recommended that:

  • the reunion be held each year,
  • we seek other venues for the reunion, (Joe and Gerry McGarry)
  • we try to introduce some activities for non golfers,
  • the format remain the same, except golfers will pay their own green fees,
  • vegetarians/vegans and persons with an allergy be considered when ordering the finger food and dinner menus,
  • for golf, we continue to draw team score cards from a hat to determine the order of prize selection,
  • we continue to hire a professional entertainer,
  • an entertainment levee be charged to assist with the cost of an entertainer; and
  • we solicit more donated prizes for auction or draw to support the hiring of entertainment.