The Pacreg PER Branch Reunion was held in Comox BC on 15-17 Sep 2006.

ORGANIZER - Ken MacDonald           250-382-9233   

FACILITIES   - Chris Ouimet                250-339-8016     

TREASURER - Herb MacAulay            604-858-3553    

DRAW           - Herb MacAulay            604-858-3553   

M & G -         - Brian Venhereweghe     250-339-7135   

DINNER -     -  Chris Ouimet                 250-339-8016  

PRIZES -       -  Jack McBride               780-418-4216   


The following events were held:

1.       Registration and Meet and Greet took place at 5 PM on Fri 15 Sep at Glacier Greens G&CC Social Center. A welcome package and name tags were issued on registration. Joe Beauchene assisted Herb with the registration and draw.  The Meet and Greet consisted of an excellent and VERY delicious array of hot and cold finger food. Everyone had favourable comments about the selection, quality and quantity of the dishes.  Through the kind auspices of the Comox PSP staff and Mel McGraw, a Powerpoint presentaion of photos from the PEI Reunion in Aug was enjoyed by all throughout the M&G.

2.       A golf tournament using a form of Texas Scramble was played. Al and Lynn Stoddard joined us for a visit during warm-up and driving range practice. The first T- time was at 1108 with 10 teams participating. The weather was great for golfing.   All golfers brought a prize valued at $15-$20. Prizes for KP and longest drive for men and women were donated by Jack McBride. Prizes were selected by teams  in  order of finish. There were several ties all of which were broken by using this years new RCGA Rules Book suggested way to break ties Last 9 holes, Last 6 holes, Last 3 holes and last hole. Our winners were declared using the last 3 holes.  

3.        At dinner, prior to grace, the passing of Paul Dorion was announced and a few moments of silence were observed. The hot buffet dinner commenced at 1730 hrs and consisting of steak or chicken, mixed vegetables, buns, coffee and delectable desserts. Bill and Bergie Jones came up from Victoria for the dinner.  After dinner Jack McBride performed his hilarious solo version of "Chelsea Pensioners."

4.        Two 50/50 draws were conducted by Ken's two lovely assistants Yvonne MacDonald and Marion Cheesman. The M&G draw saw Lois Walker, Kathy Keener and Ed Sullivan each win a share of the pot. Ed donated his winnings back to the reunion fund. The dinner draw winners were Phyllis Beauchene, Jack Smith and Lynda Harvey.  The Powerpoint presentation was shown again on a lap-top for those who were not at the M&G.

5.       Nineteen people attended the “no host” farewell breakfast between 9 and 9:30 AM on Sunday at the Clubhouse. ($2.99 for a full breakfast with coffee was a great deal!) It rained heavily overnight Saturday and continued on Sunday, which may have reducing the numbers attending the breakfast.




7.        The winners were:

Ladies:    Longest drive - Debbie Whitfield     KP - Jean Mohr

Men:       Longest drive - Jack Davies            KP - Joe Beauchene


1st - Harveys & Whitfields                    69                 6th - Davies; Lindners;             74

2nd - Porters & Sheppards                    69                 7th - Bootlands; Johnstons         74

3rd - Beauchenes; MacAulay; Carlton   69                 8th - Douglases; Kernaghan      76

4th - McBrides; Shamehorn; Keener      72                9th - MacDonalds;Cheesmans    84

5th - Burns;Walker; Mohr; Smith J        72               10th - Pronk; Smith A; Bowie      84



8.        The Skip Schamehorn Trophy is inscribed each year with names selected by the Committee. Among other factors, nominees must be strong supporters of the reunion. Over the past few years the trophy has been held at the Glacier Greens Golf and Country Club under the watchful eye of Chris Ouimet.  Inscribees for the past five years were:

2003 - Terry Burns, Chuck Johnston, Ron Carlton, Hank Tatarchuk

2004 - Harvey Gates, Dale Dirks, Jerry Porter, Tom Walton

                     2005 - Harry Mayne, Bev Burrows, Ed Sullivan, Ken Harvey

                     2006 - Ralph Kernaghan; Ken MacDonald, Lee Roberge, Jack McBride

2007 - Ray Bootland, Lois Walker, Don Sheppard, Al Stoddard


L-R: Ray Bootland, Lois Walker, Drew Schamehorn, Don Sheppard

Missing from the photo is Al Stoddard


9.         More photos provided by Jerry Porter, Ray Bootland and Ken MacDonald are linked here.


10.        The entire function was self-supporting with entry fees covering costs. Our financial status is as follows;

                                                                     Credit               Debit 

Balance as at 14 Sep                                   $  171.44

M&G; Dinner                                                                      $2,093.00

Golf                                                                                     $  925.00

Entry fees                                                   $3,057.00

Draws 50/50                                                $  173.00

Engraving, tickets, envelopes, phone, stamps                           $   70.00                                                                           

                                                                   $3,401.44           $3,088.00


                                 Balance as at 22 Sep 07          $  313.44


11.        It is recommended that:

    • the reunion be held again in Comox 12-14 Sep 2008. It is already booked; however; Joe, Herb and Ron are investigating the possibility of hosting in the Chilliwack area;

                  • We incoproprate the new RCGA Rules Book suggested way to break ties Last 9 holes, Last 6 holes, Last 3 holes and last hole into our golf rules of play;
    • the format remain the same, except we should look at having only the first place team select awards by placing. The remainder could be drawn from a hat.  Additionally, games or entertainment could be organized by a designated Committee member for the Meet and Greet, dinner and if numbers warrant, some non-golfer events for Saturday PM; and

    • name tags continue to be provided at the Meet and Greet.