The Pacreg PER Branch Reunion was held at the Ledgeview Golf Course

ABBOTSFORD BC on 26-28 Sep 2008

 Ledgeview's Signature Hole, #8  




        Draw master:




Ken MacDonald 

Ron Carlton  

Herb MacAulay

Joe Beauchene

Ron Carlton 

Harry Mayne

Jack McBride 









1.       Registration and Meet and Greet took place at 5 PM on Fri 26 Sep at the Ledgeview Golf Club. A welcome package and name tags were issued on registration. Harry Mayne assisted Herb with the registration.  The Meet and Greet consisted of a no host bar and a selection of hot and cold finger food. A Powerpoint presentation of photos from the PEI Reunion in Aug 06 and a DVD of last's years West reunion made by Ray Bootland was enjoyed by all throughout the M&G.

2.       A golf tournament using a form of Texas Scramble was played. The first T- time was at 1108 with 14 teams participating. The weather was great for golfing.   All golfers brought a prize valued at $15-$20 and several alumni donated additional prizes; thank you very much - Drew Schamehorn; Brian Storrier; Dale Dirks and Harry Mayne. Because of their thoughtfulness, we had an abundance of prizes. Those who forgot to bring one put $15 in the kitty for expenses. Prizes for KP and longest drive for men and women were paintings kindly donated by Dale Dirks. The first place team selected first, then team score cards were drawn from a hat to determine the order of prize selection.


3.        At dinner the passing of Rick Brough was announced and a few moments of silence were observed for all of our alumni who have passes away or unable to attend due to illness. The hot buffet dinner commenced at 1730 hrs and consisting of fish or chicken, mixed vegetables, buns, coffee and delectable desserts. After dinner Hank Tatarchuk gave us a rendition of a Polish golf tournament, Jack McBride and Yvonne MacDonald presented a skit and by popular demand Jack performed his hilarious solo version of "Chelsea Pensioners."

4.        Tickets for two draws were sold by Ken's lovely assistants Ed Dobson, Yvonne MacDonald and Marion McBride. A wine cooler, donated by Chuck Johnston was won by Arlene Tatarchuk and Dale Dirk's original paintings were won by Ralph Kernaghan and Irma Kemp.


5.       Seventeen people attended the “no host” farewell breakfast between 9 and 9:30 AM on Sunday at the Clubhouse.




6.       There were 91 registrants, 86 attended; 74 were at the Meet and Greet; 51 golfed and 78 had dinner.

          Attendees were:

Batchelor, Ken                             

Beauchene, Joe & Phyllis 

Beaver, Bob

Belley, Lynn 

Bootland, Ray & Marg

Brister, Jim and Jeanette 

Buchanan, Tony & Marion 

Callaghan, Kevin

Carbonell, Bill & Shirley 

Carlton, Ron & Shirley Craig 

Chatwin, Mike & Patricia

Cheesman, Greg & Marion (Guests) 

Davies, Jack & Shelly 

Dirks, Dale & Barb 

Dobson, Ed

Harvey, Ken & Lynda 

Hayes-Richards, Larry & Liz

Hummerstone, Erik & Jill (Guests) 

Hummerstone, Fred & Carol 

Hurd, Earl & Darlene 

Johnston, Chuck & Karen 

Kemp, Roy & Irma

Kernaghan, Ralph & Marilyn

Labbe, Ray & Lila

Lindner, Gerry & Lois

Lyons, Rod (Guest)

MacAulay, Herb & Barb

MacDonald, Ken & Yvonne

Maxwell, Ken & Elaine

Mayne, Harry & Marion

Maziarski, Louise & Andy


McBride, Jack & Marion

Meikle, Heather & Joe (Guests)

Porter, Jerry & Arlene

Richardson, Paul

Storrier, Brian & Evelyn

Tatarchuk, Hank & Arlene

Vondette, Art & Barb

Vowles, Jerry & Dianne

Walton, Tom & Jeanie

Weber, Larry & Wendy

Westfall, Bill

White, Pat (Guest)

Wight, Jim

Wiseman, Sid (Guest)

Wood, Ken & Carol

NB.   Lee and Doris Roberge, Lois Walker, Marie Wesson and Wish Walters were registered but had to remove themselves because of illness. Ken Batchelor and Rod Lyons had to return home on Saturday because of a death in the family.



7.        Dale Dirks presents his paintings to: 

Pat Chatwin: Ladies Longest drive


: Tom Walton: Men's Longest drive

Arlene Porter: Ladies KP


Chuck Johnston: Men's KP


Team Standings

1st - 63

Carlton; P.Beauchene; Wight; MacAulay

2nd - 70

J. Beauchene; Hummer; Weber; Joe Meikle

3rd - 71

Brian Storrier; Jack and Shelly Davies

3rd - 71

Earl Hurd; Pat White; Jim Brister

3rd - 71

Beaver; Callaghan; Chuck & Karen Johnston

6th - 72

Lynn Belley; Pat and Mike Chatwin

6th - 72

The Bootlands and the Waltons

8th - 74

The Harveys and the Lindners

9th - 76

Ettinger; the Maziarskis and Kernaghan

9th - 76

The Tatarchuks and the Kemps

11th -79

Ken Maxwell and the Porters

12th -82

The MacDonalds & Cheesmans

12th - 82

Labbe; Buchanan and M Mayne

14th - 88

The McBrides and H Mayne


8.       The Skip Schamehorn Trophy is inscribed each year with names selected by the Committee. Among other factors, nominees must be strong supporters of the reunion. The trophy is currently being stored in Ron Carlton's house. Inscribees for the past six years are:

2003 - Terry Burns, Chuck Johnston, Ron Carlton, Hank Tatarchuk

2004 - Harvey Gates, Dale Dirks, Jerry Porter, Tom Walton

2005 - Harry Mayne, Bev Burrows, Ed Sullivan, Ken Harvey

2006 - Ralph Kernaghan; Ken MacDonald, Lee Roberge, Jack McBride

2007 - Ray Bootland, Lois Walker, Don Sheppard, Al Stoddard

2008 - Fred Hummerstone; Herb MacAulay; Joe Beauchene; Roy Kemp



L-R: Roy Kemp; Fred Hummerstone; Jim Brister presenting the trophy; Joe Beauchene; Herb MacAulay




9.      More photos provided by Jerry Porter, Ray Bootland and Ken MacDonald and are linked.   Click here.


10.     The entire function was self-supporting with entry fees covering costs. Our financial status is as follows



Opening balance
$  295.44
Registrations 2008
(rebated)  $311.00
Meet & Greet                  (74 pers)  
Golf green fees               (52 pers)  
$ 1,820.00
Dinner                              (78 pers)  
$ 1,950.78
Raffle-paintings           (Donated)
Raffle-wine cooler       (Donated)
Souvenirs   (Hats,visors, towels)
Stationary, Stamps, Eng etc
Balance for 2010




11.    It is recommended that: