RCN TG 4 COURSE 1961 at HMCS Cornwallis

                              Students-Back L to R - Ken Pollock; Paul Potvin; Jerry Kasanda (Army); Sam McIvor; Buzz Verner; Ken MacDonald (Army)

                    P&RT Staff-Seated L to R - C2 Dick Manderson; C1 Ray Ellison; Cmd O Hancock; LCdr Herb Addison; C1 Archie Pitt; C1 John Stoddard.

         NOTE: The Army students attended this course as preparation for preparing a training syllabus for a TG 4 Course for the PTS(RCIC) that      was conducted in 1963. Not only did they prepare the course syllabus, they also had to attend it. Go figure!.


Muscle Bos'ns Sam McIvor; Ken MacDonald; Jerry Kasanda; Buz Verner