Honouary PERI!

The photo was taken at the 1982 CF Softball Championship hosted by CFB Greenwood. Stan Banville pictured in his “chair” flanked by the Tournament Guest Speaker Bill Oliver,  & North Bay participant; Barney Barnard, BPERO; and Bev Burrows, Sr. PERI.


“Stan” is a well-known Honouary PERI (held the rank of MWO when the trade stood down in ’97) He is the son of MWO (ret’d) Joe and the late Kitty Banville.  Stan has been an integral part of PERI staffs since around 1969.  He operated mainly in the Rockcliffe & Uplands gyms but he has also had “TD” trips to: Greenwood; Chatham; Penhold; Kingston, & Trenton CFB Bases just to name a few.  He still stays in touch with many former PERIs and has been a regular at the Dick Allan PE&R Golf Classic & Reunion in Kingston for a number of years.

For those wishing to contact Stan he may be reached at:  613 820-9449.